Autumn esstentials

These are some of the things i think are are autumn essentials.

Those rainy days are starting to creep back in so an umberella is a must to keep in your handbag so you dont get caught in the rain.

I love knitted jumpers and you always need a collection of them this time of year. I love this one as it is cropped so i can wear it with high waisted troussers and skirts. it is from select and i loved it that much i got it in black as well. 

I hate going out in the cold rainy weather so i always stock up on my favuorite DVD's to keep me company in the colder months.

My feet are usually the first thing to get cold so i always have slippers or fluffy socks on when in the house. I even take them to work with me.

Candles look so pretty near the fire and make the room look so cosy this is red berry and jasmine and smells so good. It was also a bargin at only £2 from primark.

I always get my wolly hat out at this time of year it does a great job of keeping my head and ears warm and is also perfect for whem im having a bad hair day.

I get the bus to work in a morning so i like to take a hot drink with me, i usually opt for coffee as it keeps me warm and wakes me up. My lips always get dry and chapped this time of year so i like to keep the moisturised. When im just at work or around the house i just use normal vaseline but when im out and about i like to use mabelline baby lips to add abit of colour. This is in the colour pink punch.

Let me know what your autumn essentials are, Danielle x 

What i love about autumn

Big jumper

Big jumpers and cardigans are a must have as the cold starts to creep up on us.The first thing i do when i get in from the cold is grab any from my wardrobe and chuck it on to instantly warm me up. 

Candles by the fire

Just looking at this makes me feel warm. I love sitting infront of the fire to keep warm and lighting candles gives it that cosy feeling. The smell from the candles is an added bonus.

Theres nothing better than snuggling on the sofa in front of the telly watching your favourite tv show or movie. You always need a nice soft blanket to keep you warm and cosy through the night.

I have always loved baths, i dont know why i guess they just relax me. I dont tend to have many in the summer so when autumn comes i cant wait to run a bath. I pour in some bubble bath, pop in a bath bomb, put on some music and relax.

Hot chocolate should be on everyones shopping list this time of year, topped with some squirty cream and marshmellows and im in heaven. I have to drink these with a straw otherwise cream gets everywhere!

I would love to know what you love about autumn.
Danielle x

home inspiration

set of home mugs, Tesco £10

White wicker heart, £2.99, home bargains

Toilet rules sign, £2.99, matalan

red checkered home sweet home sign, £3.99, the range

Yellow smile sign, £2 wilkinsons

white heart fruit bowl, £2.99, pound stretcher

multi photo frame, £5.99, home bargains

Please wipe your feet sign, £1.99, the range

I recently moved into my own flat so of course i had to start buying some things to decorate. I didnt really have a theme in mind when i was shopping so i just bought things that i thought were cute and that i liked. placeing these in my flat has really started to make it feel homely.
let me know of anything you have found for your home/bedroom as i still have lots to buy and would love some inspiration.
Danielle x