Eye liner

I have always loved the dramatic cat flick eyeliner but have never quite mastered how to do it. I always used the traditional black eyeline pencil as i felt safe useing it as it was what i had always used but it just wasnt creating the look i wanted. So i finally gave in and went to boots to buy a new eyeliner.
I found the Rimmel london scandleyes waterproof gel eyeliner, its like a little pot of paint and a paint brush. I loved the results, the brush made it easy to apply as i was really worried about how i would manage with that and it made the eyeliner line so precise. The eyeliner colour was so intense the black was so dark and didnt fade throughout the day which was always a problem with the previous eyeliners i have used. The eyeliner didnt smudge at all and kept that sharp freshly done look all day.
I would most deffinatly recommend this eyeliner. You can buy this product from boots for £6.99 by clicking here.
 Let me know what you think if you have tried this eyeliner and let me know of any great eyeliners you have found.
Danielle x 

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