Christmas treats

I love the smell of baking at christmas and makeing lots of differernt christmas treats so i thought i would share some of my treat ideas with you.

1. Candy cane heart lollies
 ~ candy canes, white chocolate, sprinkles to decorate. you will also need lolly pop sticks.
 ~ Break candy canes to desired size and sit them together in a heart shape on a baking tray with a baking sheet on it.
~ Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water
~Pour the chocolate into the heart shapes
~ Sprinkle on decorations, i used red sprinkles and popping candy
~ Leave to set in the fridge
~ when set ENJOY!

2. Chocolate christmas puddings
~ Chocolate, rice crispies, leaf decorations and icing sugar.
~ Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water
~ Mix the rice crispies into the chocolate and spoon balls of the mixture onto a baking tray with a baking sheet on
~ Leave to set in the fridge
~ Add water to the icing sugar to make thick white icing
~ Trickle the icing on top of each ball and add a leaf decoration
~ Leave to set in the fridge
~ Serve to family and friends or eat them all your self :)

3. Christmas biscuits
~ 4oz butter, 6oz flour and 2oz sugar
~ Cream together the butter and sugar
~ Stir in the flour, roll out the dough and cut out the shapes
~ Cook for 10 minutes at 180c/gas mark 4
~ decorate using icing and sprinkles i used red sprinkles and popping candy to match my candy canes
~ serve on a plate with a hot chocolate

These will all look great on the table at a party or for guest at your house, you could even put them in little bags tie a ribbon around them and give them as little gifts.

I would love to see any pictures of treats you make ~ instagram dot danielle.
Danielle x

Munchie the bunny rabbit!

I have always wanted a bunny rabbit for as long as i can remember but i couldn't at my mum and dads as my dog wouldnt get on with it. My boyfriend new how much i wanted one (all the hints at the pet shop may of helpped :) ) So a week ago he took me out shopping and we ended up at the pet shop, naturaly i went over to look at the rabbits and he told me to pick one. I was so excited and happy it was the best christmas present.

We got her a big cage, a wooden home, litter tray, food bowl, water bottle and toys to make her home complete. She always has a soft blanket under her cage so she will always be comfy. Her cage has a door on so we can open it up when we are in the living room with her to let her explore. She is loving it at home with us and we are loving it with her.


 Let me know what you get for christmas or any pets you have i would love to see some animals pictures - instagram dotdanielle.
Merry Christmas Danielle x


Christmas is my all time favourite time of year, spending time with loved ones exchanging gifts and singing far to loud to those classic christmas songs. I love alot of things about christmas and i just wanted to share with you a few of them.

Christmas stockings have always been a tradition in my house so this year i got me and my boyfriend personalised ones. These will look great hanging above the fire and even better when there full of treats.

Candles are a must have at christmas lighting up a mulled wine or apple and cinnamon sented candle really makes me feel christmasy.

For me the only thing i love about early dark nights is getting to switch on my twinkerling fairy lights as soon as i come in from work. I love looking at everyones christmas lights on my journey.

Adding crackers, candy canes and chocolates to the tree is a favourite of mine. Someone will always catch me trying to sneak one when i think no one is watching.

I like to fill my home with lots of christmas things from pillows to signs to candle holders, the more the merrier.

And of course a christmas jumper, everyones got to have one even if you only wear it once. Nothing makes me feel more chritsmasy then sitting by the fire with the fairy lights on watching a christmas film wearing my chirstmas jumper.

I would love to know your favourite things about christmas.
Danielle x

Christmas cake pops

Its not christmas without some home made baking so i made some christmas cake pops. I have never made these before, they are fun to make but the decorating is quite difficult but they are worth it in the end. The main part of the cake pop is made of cake mixture then i made buttercream to decorate. Heres how i made them ...

You will need . . .
- 3 eggs -self raising flour -caster sugar -butter/margarine -mixing bowl and spoon -cake pop mould and sticks -decorations

Ingredients . . .
4oz caster sugar
4oz self raising flour
4oz margarine
3 eggs

Method . . .
First you will need to pre heat your oven to 180 degrees to warm up while you prepare your cakepops. The firsts step of making the cake pops is mixing all of the ingredients together to make the cake pop mixture. Once you have the mixture spoon it into the bottom layer of your cakepop moulds filling them just bellow the top.

Next you need to place the top on your mould and put the cakepops in the oven for 20 minutes. Once cooked leave the cake pops to cool down fully before removing them from the moulds.
Once you have removed them you can add the sticks by gently pushing them into the bottom of the cakes. You will then need to stand them into somthing, i just put a few holes into a cardboard box. 

Now its time to make the butter cream to coat the cakepops.

Ingredients . . .
3oz butter softened
5oz caster sugar

Method . . .
Mix the butter and sugar together untill soft. You can then add some food colouring if you wish. I used red as it is a christmas colour. You can then go ahead and cover your cakepops with the butter cream. I then used different christmas sprinkles to finish decorating them.

This is the finished product, they look so cute and taste great. They will look great on the table for guests coming round or in a clear bag with a ribbon tied round them as a little gift or just as a tasty treat for yourself.

Let me know what you think and show me your finished products if you have a go on instagram - dotdanielle.
Merry Christmas Danielle x

Christmas tree decorations

Since this year was the first christmas of me not living at home with my parents i had to buy all new christmas decorations for my flat. Christmas is my favourite time of year so i wanted to get the perfect decorations. I am currently waiting for new carpets to be fitted so unfortunalty i cant put my tree up yet, but during a trip to the range i couldnt resist all of the cute tree decorations. All of these range from 49p to £1.99. So heres what i picked up ...

The hedgehog was my absolute favourite as it is so cute and i just love hedgehogs :)
The Noel sign and the light up presants were actually from home bargains, the noel sign is bigger than the other decorations so i will use that as the center peice on my tree. I thought the presants were great value for money they light up and change colour and were only 75p each!

I can not wait to put up my tree and and decorate my flat, i will upload pictures when i have on my instagram so if you want to see what they look like on my tree flollow me dotdanielle.
Happy decorating Danielle x