Christmas tree decorations

Since this year was the first christmas of me not living at home with my parents i had to buy all new christmas decorations for my flat. Christmas is my favourite time of year so i wanted to get the perfect decorations. I am currently waiting for new carpets to be fitted so unfortunalty i cant put my tree up yet, but during a trip to the range i couldnt resist all of the cute tree decorations. All of these range from 49p to £1.99. So heres what i picked up ...

The hedgehog was my absolute favourite as it is so cute and i just love hedgehogs :)
The Noel sign and the light up presants were actually from home bargains, the noel sign is bigger than the other decorations so i will use that as the center peice on my tree. I thought the presants were great value for money they light up and change colour and were only 75p each!

I can not wait to put up my tree and and decorate my flat, i will upload pictures when i have on my instagram so if you want to see what they look like on my tree flollow me dotdanielle.
Happy decorating Danielle x

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