Munchie the bunny rabbit!

I have always wanted a bunny rabbit for as long as i can remember but i couldn't at my mum and dads as my dog wouldnt get on with it. My boyfriend new how much i wanted one (all the hints at the pet shop may of helpped :) ) So a week ago he took me out shopping and we ended up at the pet shop, naturaly i went over to look at the rabbits and he told me to pick one. I was so excited and happy it was the best christmas present.

We got her a big cage, a wooden home, litter tray, food bowl, water bottle and toys to make her home complete. She always has a soft blanket under her cage so she will always be comfy. Her cage has a door on so we can open it up when we are in the living room with her to let her explore. She is loving it at home with us and we are loving it with her.


 Let me know what you get for christmas or any pets you have i would love to see some animals pictures - instagram dotdanielle.
Merry Christmas Danielle x

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