red lips

I love wearing red lipsticks, so for christmas my boyfriend got me this jack wills set of four red lip pencils.

The first one is a really light pink shade then they get darker resulting in the last one been a really deep red. The lighest one is great for more nautural makeup days when you just wont a little bit of colour. The third one is my favourite as it is a dark shade of red but not too dark. In the winter months i tend to wear a lot of dark dull colours especialy grey so this lipstick really adds some colour to my outfits. The darkest shade is great for when your going out as it really adds a pop of colour and makes your lips stand out. I love all of these colours and wear them with many different looks. Heres what they all look like . . .

These were really inexpensive at just £14 for the set of four lip pencils. Let me know of any lip pencils/lipsticks you are loving.
Danielle x

Barry M eye palette

Ive never really had much convidence when it came to eyeshadows, i would always experiment with different colours but always thought it looked silly.
When shopping in superdrug i spoted these barry m eye shadow pallets.

They were . . .
~ smokin' hot shadow and blush palette
~ super chic shadow and primer palette  
~ natural glow shadow and primer palette 2

 The smokin hot shadow and blush palette is the darkest palette it has a white shade and a light pink shade then goes from grey to black. Two of the dark shades have glitter in them that you can use to add that sparkle to your look. This palette includes a pink blush that you can use with almost any look.

The super chic shadow and primer palette has some beautiful colours in it which are all sparkely. The colours are, white, dark blue, light blue, gold, golden brown and deep red. I like this palette to create more colourful looks that will just brighten up my look. This palette comes with a white primer that you can use before using the colours. 

The final palette is my favourite, the natural glow shadow and primer palette 2. The colours in this palette are just so pretty they just go so well with each other, they are cream colours and light purple colours. I like this palette as an everyday makeup palette, you can create some really nice natural looks even if you just use one colour. This palette also comes with a primer but a cream coloured one.

Im so glad i decided to buy these palettes and i will defiantly buy more to try out new looks.
These palettes were only £6 each and you can pick them up in any makeup store. Let me know if you try out any new looks or if you can recomend any eye shadow palettes for me to try.
Danielle x