Bare faced and beautiful

I wish I had the confidence to be bare faced some of the time but after years of wearing makeup it's really hard to find that confidence. Since starting my juice diet and switching from coffee to fruit tea my skin has cleared up so much. Instead of caking on the foundation just to go to work I now have the covidence to just put on a thin layer of tinted moisturiser and that is all. 

The Nivea tinted moisturiser day cream is great for everyday use to just put a thin layer onto the skin to cover small blemishes. I would recommend using this instead of foundation if you only need a little coverage as it won't clog up your skin as much. 

Let me know what you think and if you have the confidence to go bare faced often, Danielle x


  1. It's great that your feeling confident to wear less makeup! I was the same, after years of it being a must in high school, I now go bare face because my work is own clothes and presentation isn't important! I think the time spent on beauty sleep and skincare is far more beneficial. This looks like a great product, I like BB creams because of the SPF :D

  2. I totally agree I love not having to make an effort for work I can just be me and make an effort when I wont to.