Creamy candy bubble bar

I love to have a Sunday pamper night to make myself feel clean, fresh and relaxed for the upcoming busy working week. I started with a face mask and ran myself a bath. The product that I reached for this week was the creamy candy bubble bar. I was in a sweet mood and this smelt amazing, just like walking into a sweet shop. 

You crumble this product under hot running water and watch the bubbles fill up the bath. The smell is just amazing it reminds me of candy floss mixed with those sweet candy necklacees everyone use to love as a child. 

Once your bath is full of lovely smelling bubbles it's time to get it. I put on a bit of music and lit the zoella beauty lets glow candle as the sent went lovely with the smell of the bubble bar. I then relaxed and gave my skin a good scrub. 

This was a lovely bubble bar that I will be purchasing again and recommend if you love a sweet sent. You can get this for 2.75 at a lush store or online at

Let me know what products you use on your pamper night, Danielle x

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