Summer holiday wish list

Were all counting the days down to summer, right? Lazing in the sun, shades on cocktail in one hand and selfie stick in the other. I started to have a browse amongst many online shops looking for holiday or summer clothing inspiration. I came across the Ipanema fill flops page. These are ment to be the comfiest flip flops, who doesn't love comfort? So I took a look at what they had to offer.

Straight away my finger headed for the healed flip flops as only been 4ft 11 a little lift is always needed. I feel in love with the Ipanema bella platform in white. They are simple which make them easy to wear with many outfits, and have that little heal to give me the little lift I need.

The Ipanema flip flops are £22 and are going to be the centre peice to my wish list. I wanted to find different summer outfits that would go with these lovely filp flops. I found a swim wear outfit, a daytime outfit and a evening outfit all to go with these filp flops.

Swimwear outfit . . .

KARLA BOUTIQUE KNIT TASSLE CARDIGAN from Boohoo £20 to add if you want to cover up abit more

Day time outfit . . .

AQUA LACE DRAWSTRING SHORTS from River Island  £18 with

WHITE RIBBED STRAPPY CROP  from New look £4.99

Evening outfit . . .

STACEY TEXTURED TRAPEZE DRESS in nude from Boohoo£18 with 


I think all these outfits will look lovely with the White Ipanema bella platform flip flops. I love teaming lots of outfits with one pair of shoes as shoes take up a lot of room in my suitcase and I have a lot of things to take. 

Let me know what you think of the Ipanema filp flops and which ones are your favourite. 

Danielle x 


  1. I love them! The outfits you picked out are wonderful. :)

  2. Thank you I just want it to be summer now x