black tribal print tassel front trousers

Ive always been more of a skirt and dress type girl, even in the winter months, i just find them so much comfier than jeans and trousers. All of my outfits became to be very similar so i decided to go out and buy some jeans or troussers. I bought these lovely black tribal print tassle front trousers. The print really stood out to me as i love things that are a little bit different. I wore them with a simple black cropped jumper that cut of at just the right length to show of the full lenght of the trousers. For day time i wore flat black shoes but for night i would opt for a shorter black croped t-shirt with a chunky black heal and a bold statement neckalace.

These black tribal print tassle front trousers  are so comfortable which actually makes me like wearing trousers. They sit comfortably on your stomach and the stretchy material ensure that they are always comfortable even after eating so they would be perfect to wear out for a meal.  

Being only 4ft 11" i always struggle to find troussers or jeans that fit the length of my leg right, thats why i prefer to wear skirts and dresses, but i got these in the petite section in New Look and they fit perfectly, so if your short like me always look in the petite section first.

You can get these black tribal print tassle front trousers from New Look for £17.99. They do lots of colours and prints in this style of trousers from bold to simple, theres something for everyone, so if you like the style of these trousers but your not to sure on the print make sure you head over to there website to see what other prints they have. You can get free delivery when you spend over £45 or free next day delivery when you spend over £65. Also if you sign up to the New Look page and spend over £25 you get a free gift!

let me know what you think of these trousers and what you would wear with them.

Danielle x

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