Lottie London makeup brushes

One thing I have been meaning to invest in for a while now is makeup brushes. I'm forever applying my makeup with my fingers and getting told of for it. When I saw the Lottie london makeup brushes on Kayleigh Johnsons Instagram I fell in love. The colours were lovely and I new I had to get some.

I bought mine from Superdrug but you can also pick them up from Asos.

I got the Concealer brush, for £4.99

The Blusher brush, for £7.99

And the Foundation brush, for £7.99

You can also get . . .

Eye shadow brush  for £4.99
Blending brush for £4.99
Kabuki brush  for £9.49
Angle brush  for £4.99
Bronzer brush for £7.99
Powder brush for £7.99

They are so soft and so pretty and are so much better than using your fingers. For a first time brush buyer I love them and will never be rubbing in my foundation with my fingers again! I will definitely be going back for the rest, they are affordable and worth every penny.

Have you tried these makeup brushes?

You can check out the lottie London blog here.

Danielle x