May favourites

I like to see what everybody has been loving in the past month, so I thought I would share with you what my favourites have been this month.

Favourite lipstick - Syrup by MAC

Favourite nail varnish - Barry m lap of honour

Since getting a full fringe hair rollers have become part of my morning routine to keep it curved and bouncy.

Favourite skin product - Nivea Firming lotion and Firming body oil

Favourite food - peanut butter kit Kat chunky. If you like peanut butter then you will love these just as much as me, they are just delicious (that's why there's two). 

Favourite hair product - provoke touch of silver, brightening shampoo and intensive conditioner. I died my ombré and these products really shifted those ginger tones. They are great for anyone working is trying to go blonde, they get you out of the ginger stage really fast.

Clothing favourite - new socks, everyone has to love that feeling you get when you out on new socks, there so soft and comfy. There even better in lovely pastel shades, this pack of five was £2.50 from primark.

Finally this jewellery hanger from primark has been a god send. I usually don't bother with jewellery as there always in a tangled mess in a draw but since I got this it has been so much easier and I now wear jewellery most days.

What have been your favourites this month? Leave links to your post so I can check them out.

Danielle x


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