Things that have made me smile ~ week one

I have seen many bloggers writing a post every Sunday about things they have enjoyed doing that week and I think it is a lovely idea. I'm a bit of a dweller and a stress head so I will always remember the not so good or happy things that have happened that week, so I thought this would be lovely way to forget about those things and remember five good things that have happened or things that have made me happy, so here we go.

This weeks Things that have made me smile are . . . 

One. Spending some quality time with my partner at the zoo, seeing lots of different animals and been able to sing 🎵were going to the zoo zoo zoo 🎵(if you have children or work with them you will probably know this song).

Two. Indulging in a takeaway and just relaxing watching Netflix.

Three. Finding a dress I've wanted for ages half price in the sale.

Four. Putting more lighter colours in my hair ready for the sunshine on holiday.

Five. Buying some colourful photo frames for my living room to brighten up the place and look back at wonderful memories everyday.

Doing this just helps me to remember the happy things in life ready to start a fresh new week. What's has made you smile this week?

Danielle x


  1. what a beautiful post! as it happens to be, ive never seen any blogger do such a post. your post is so positive and sends such a message that life can indee be beautiful. i know many bloggers like to use that word 'lovely', but i mean it- lovely post!

  2. Such a beautiful post, Danielle! Love it. There were few things that made me smile this week: going on a little road trip, having a banana milkshake, sharing a laugh with my mother, meeting our new soon to be neighbours, working in our new house and so on :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Sounds lovely so exciting to moving into a new house xx