Things that have made me smile | week 7

While you are reading this post I will be laid by the pool trying not to get burnt, or sipping on a cocktail in the shade, ahh how I've longed for this moment. Here's what's made me smile this week . .

1) Of course going on holiday has to be the top of my list.
2) Starting a book after not reading one for a while, I'm reading Paper towns by John Green.
3) going to a makeup party and buying some products.
4) Enjoying a lovely meal out with my boyfriend.
5) Having my first holiday cocktail.

What have you enjoyed this week?

Have a great week, Danielle x

Radiant skin care by Benefit

I went to a Benefit makeup party at my local Debenhams store with a few friends. The set up was so cute, there was a long table with stools down either side. Each person had a set of brushes, wipes, cotton sticks and a mirror set up in there space. The middle of the table was filled with baskets of benefit makeup all in different shades to suite everyone. There was also sweets and drinks for us to enjoy.
The Benefit makeup expert showed us all the products and showed us how to use them on our host and colour matched us so we could try out the products on ourselves. It was all done in steps so she would show us the product, show us how to use it then gave us the products to use on ourselves, then move onto the next product.
We started of by removing all our makeup, then cleansing and preparing our skin with the Benefit skincare products moving on to the beautiful makeup products. We got to try out everything and learn how to apply it correctly, it was a lot of fun and I even learnt a few things.
It didn't cost anything to do and we also got a small goody bag at the end, consisting of, a eternity
now Calvin Klein sample, a benefit badge and a dream sheen sample. At the end of the night we had the option to buy any products. I didn't have much money to spend as it was so close to my holiday but the products were to good to resist. I loved the skincare products and how they made my skin feel but I couldn't decided which one to get so I picked up the B.right! Radiant skincare by benefit 6 piece intro kit for £15.50. It has a small sample of everything inside it so you can try them out and see what you like before buying the full sized product.

In the set you get . . .
  • Foamingly clean facial wash
  • Moisture prep toning lotion 
  • It's potent! Eye cream
  • Total moisture facial cream 
  • Triple performing facial emulsion spf 15 
  • Refined finish facial polish
Foamingly clean facial wash 
What | effectively cleanses the skin and removes makeup and impurities with a soft, gentle lather.
How | apply a small amount of cleanser to damp skin. Rinse.

Moisture prep toning lotion 
What | smooths revitalises and tones to allow the skin to fully optimise the maximum benefits of any moisturiser. Skin is hydrated, creating a soft, supple surface ready to absorb moisture.
How | apply with cotton pad to freshly cleansed face and neck to boost he results of moisturiser to follow.

It's potent! Eye cream 
What | fades dark circles and helps smooth fine lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes.
How | apply directly under the eyes.

Total moisture facial cream 
What | provides concentrated immediate and long term hydration. Contains exclusive tri-radiance complex to help develop the skin's reserves of water.
How | gently apply this concentrated cream to face.

Triple performing facial emulsion spf 15 
What | hydrates, protects and comforts the skin with an oil free, lightweight formula. Contains exclusive ultra moisturising tri-radiance complex to help capture and maintain water on the skins surface.
How | apply with fingertips to freshly cleansed face and neck each morning.

Refined finish facial polish 
What | beautifully brightens the complexion, gently exfoliating to purify the skin and help minimise the appearance of pores.
How | apply facial polish after cleansing. Gently massage into face, avoiding eye area. Rinse with water.

They come in a small, plastic, clear bag so you can easily store them all together.

When I used the products in store they made my skin feel and look amazing so I can't wait to use them again and find my favourite.

Have you tried any of the skincare products?

Danielle x 

Maybelline face master sculpt

I've been using the Barry m contouring kit for a while now and as much as I love it I wanted to try something new. Since Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on maybelline I thought I would see what they had.

I picked up the Face master sculpt in the lightest shade 01 light/medium has I have very fair skin, you can also get it in 02 medium/dark. It comes with a small highlight shade and larger contour shade, a mirror and brush, all in one compact. The brush isn't very good as it makes a lot of the product come of but doesn't collect much of the product on the brush, so I would suggest using your own brush. The highlight is nice but is very subtle, which I like, but if your after a more stand out highlight I would try something else. The contour stands out just enough not to subtle but blends in well to give a lovely contour on the cheeks.

I like to have a contour and highlight in one compact as it's easier to carry round without having to remember two products. You can pick up the product for £6.99 at Superdrug

Have you tried this product? What contour kits would you recommend? 

Danielle x

Things that have made me smile | week 6

1) Having a couple bottles of wine with my friend and singing along to old songs, does any one remember Jessie McCartney - beautiful soul?
2) A cinema trip to see Paper towns, which was great I would highly recommend it. I can't believe that Q is Nat wolf from the naked brothers band. Did anyone use to watch this on Nickelodeon?
3) Purchasing and demolishing Reese's doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.
4) Purchasing a new hair accessory from Primark.
5) Walking in on my rabbit fast asleep looking so cute and her not realising we were home for about five minutes

What made you smile this week?

Danielle x 

Holiday hair product

Here is what hair products/tools I will be packing in my case to style, tame and protect my hair whilst away on my holiday.

Aussie shampoo and conditioner 
Aussie moose 
Aussie heat defence spray 
Hair brush and comb 
Hair dryer 
Hair accessories 
Hair spray 
Dry shampoo 

I love the Aussie hair products and the shampoo and conditioner are great to repair hair. My hair gets extremely dry in the sun but these products really repair it and bring it back to life. I will use the mouse when I want my hair to have more volume, which is most of the time, but this product really helps to achieve that volume. I will still be styling my hair with heat tools so a heat defence spray is a must to protect it from the heat. The heat tools I will be taking are straighteners, large barrel curlers and a hair dryer. Some hotels will supply hair dryers but I always take them just in case and they aren't always very good when they are supplied. Having a full fringe means straighteners are a daily tool to keep it down and give it shape. I prefer to have big curls In my hair so I will use my big barrel curler on most evenings. A hair brush is a pretty obvious one but you may won't to take a couple of different types to do others things. I like to wear hair accessories like scrunchies, headbands and bows to liven up my hair but other accessories I will need are bobbles and hair grips. My hair is naturally quite frizzy but in the heat it is worse so I always need hair spray to keep it tamed. You maybe wondering why dry shampoo is on my list as I wash my daily when away, but doing this makes it very soft and usually hard to style so dry shampoo just gives it a bit of texture making it easier to style. 

What's the first thing on your holiday hair list?

Danielle x

Holiday skin products

As you may know I have been loving the Liz earl products so I will be taking the cloths, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye lotion and hand cream. I will also be taking. . .

Body cream
Shower gel 
Face mask 
Sun cream and aftersun
Lip balm
Insect repellent  

Sun cream and after sun has to be the first product on my list for skincare. I am so pale I don't really tan so I need a high factor sun cream and a lot of aftersun to replenish and repair my skin after it has been in the sun. I sweat a lot on holiday so it's important that I keep my skin clean so I will be using my Liz earl  products morning and night. The sun really isn't kind on our skin so it's important to really look after it when on holiday, I will be using the Liz earl  moisturiser on my face and the Zoella body cream  on the rest of my body. To remove any dead flakey skin I will be using the Zoella Exfoliator  then Aussie shower gel  to ensure I smell lovely and fresh. Of course a razor needs to be packed I don't want to teaming my bikinis up with hairy legs. I usually apply a face mask once a week so I still want to continue that while away. I'm taking a peel of face mask as it doesn't have to be kept in the fridge so it's okay to be in my suit case and it hardly takes up any room. I think it will be nice to refresh my skin half way through my holiday or towards the end of the week just to replenish it from all the heat. The eye lotion will help for after my flight or any late nights to prevent them looking red and tired. I use hand cream a lot at home anyway so I usually pack it for any where I go but on holiday I will be using it constantly. My hands really suffer on holiday from the pool and sea water and from the sun. My lips get so dry in the sun and I usually forget to take lipbalm and they end up very cracked and sore so it is most definitely on my list this time. The insects really love my skin but my skin doesn't love them. I really don't won't bites all over my legs when I've got them out all the time, also the pain and irritation can really ruin my day so incest repellent is getting packed. 

What skin products do you pack? 

Danielle x

Holiday makeup bag

I don't wear any makeup during the day time on holiday but I still like to wear in the evening. As I don't really tan I just take my usual shades.

Foundation, tinted moisturiser and powder
I take both as even the lightest foundation can still feel heavy in the heat so sometimes I like to just wear tinted moisturiser to give me coverage but not feel heavy. I always use a powder to set my foundation but it can also look nice instead of foundation to give a light coverage. 

Eye products 
Mascara and eye shadow, I only take a couple of pallets as I don't like to pack to much so I just take a couple that I create a few different looks with and of course no look is complete with out mascara. 

For my cheeks I like a simple contour look and this Maybelline face master sculpt it's a great easy way to achieve this. With both products been in one pallet it is easy to pack. 

I have light eyebrows I don't do much to them as it can make them to bold and look silly on me so I just use the light powder in rimmels brow this way to give them shape and even them out.

I take few different colours usually a nude, a pinky shade and a couple of bolder colours to go with all my outfits and to create different looks.

Makeup brushes
Will still be using my lottie London makeup brushes while I'm away to create my looks. Useing brush just creates a softer more flawless skin and is cleaner than using fingers.

That is all, I don't take to much as I don't like wearing to much makeup in the heat and we do have a weight limit. 

What are your must have holiday makeup products?

Danielle x

Birch box | August

This is my second Birch box and it was just as exciting as the first. This months came in a box covered with the cutest birch box emojis. If you like the emojis you'll be pleased to know you get a selection of them in sticker form inside the box. All the products come In a cute draw string bag which I will use for packing for my holiday.

Inside this months birch box you get six products as this months consists of an extra beauty bonus. Here's Is what's in side, the price of the actual size product and a description of what the product is and how to use it . . . 

1) Rituals | Rice scrub | £10 
WHAT | The battle for smooth skin is over (even for you super sensitive types!) thanks to this calming shower scrub. Enriched with calming Cherry Blossom and organic White Rice it transforms into a silky, foaming cream on contact with water for gentle exfoliation. 
HOW | Once or twice a week, massage onto damp skin using circular motions then rinse away. 

2) Lord and Berry | Blush in Lotus | £17 
WHAT | Naturally flushed, rosy cheeks are the quickest way to take your complexion from so-so to oh-woah! Thankfully, this suits-all-skin-tones shade is perfect for adding that flattering pop of colour - and its silky texture blends beautifully for a seamless finish. 
HOW | Use a fluffy brush to swipe onto the apples of your cheeks - build up the colour for a more vibrant hue. 

3) BioNike | Defence Tolorance Essential Cleansing Water | £20 
WHAT | All skin types rejoice! This fragrance-free, suitable-for-sensitive-skin solution gently removes make-up, delicately cleanses, and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft - soothing any delicate spots in the process. 
HOW | Using your fingertips, massage into face and neck. Remove using a cotton pad - no rinsing required! 

4) Kebelo | clarifying shampoo | £13.95 
WHAT | When product build-up and styling stress have left your strands looking dull, this deep cleansing shampoo is set to be your hair care saviour. The gentle blend of ingredients detox your hair and scalp, leaving your tresses feeling soft and purified - a fresh start in a bottle! 
HOW |  Once or twice a month, massage a generous amount into wet hair concentrating on the scalp, the rinse away. 

5) theBalm cosmetics | Balm desert Bronzer | £15 
WHAT | Come rain or shine, the best way to wake up your complexion is to create the kind of glow that only a week in the Bahamas could achieve! This fade-resistant formula gives skin a fresh, sun kissed look that lasts and lasts (without having to step foot on a plane!) 
HOW | Using a fluffy brush, dust over cheekbones and temples for a natural glow. 

6) L.Erickson | Grab and Go Ponytail Holder | £11.50 
WHAT | Whether you're off to the gym, prepping for a night out with friends, or just want to switch up your 'do halfway through the day, you'll never be caught short with one of these handy, metal-free, hair ties in your bag. 
HOW | Use this sturdy hair elastic to tie up ponytails or secure braids without any snagging.

My favourites out of this months box are, the L.ERICKSON, GRAB AND GO PONYTAIL HOLDER - this hair bobble is thick and holds your hair in perfectly. It is great for any thickness or length of hair and no metal creates the ultimate comfort you want in a hair tie. The LORD AND BERRY BLUSH IN LOTUS, this blush really does go with any skin tone, I am very pale and it looks lovely on my skin. My final favourite is the, BIONIKE, DEFENCE TOLORANCE ESENTIAL CLEANSING WATER, it removes all make-up and leaves skin feeling so fresh and clean, it's great on spots. 

Don't forget to fill in your personal information on your profile if your are singed up to birch box to receive products that suit your skin tone. If you haven't signed up yet you really are missing out. 

If you have received the August birch box what was you favourite product. If not which would you like to try? 

Danielle x

Things that have made me smile ~ week five

1) having a bbq with my family with a tiny bit sun shining through the clouds
2) having afternoon 'tea' (I had coffee) and scone in a little cafe
3) starting to pack for my holiday
4) buying my first autumn jumper (I love autumn and winter) and having my first hot chocolate since winter
5) having a quite night in with my partner, rabbit and Netflix

What's made you smile this week?

Danielle x

Aussie ausssome volume

I love the Aussie products, they have been my favourite ever since I picked up my first bottle of 3 minute miracle conditioner to try and save one of my many hair disasters. Just like then I wasn't disappointed with there new product Aussie 3 minute miracle light ausssome volume. I've never really liked mouses as they just leave my hair feeling dry but with a wet look but with this mouse you wash it out. It is also a deep treatment for your hair so whilst adding volume it is also repairing your hair and making it healthy a 2 in 1!

Once you've washed your hair with your favourite shampoo you add a few pumps to your hair, the amount you apply depends on the length of your hair. Leave it in for three minutes then rinse. The smell of this product is gorgeous it reminds me of holiday, it's kind of fresh but with a sweet sent as well.

Once I had blow dried and styled my hair I could really tell the difference in volume then when I usually do my hair. It had so much more volume and bounce and it did look healthier.

You can pick up this product from many stores but it is £3.32 at Superdrug.

Have you tried any of the Aussie products?

Danielle x

Birch box | July

I stumbled across Birch box on Instagram. You sign up Online and for £13 a month, £10 for samples and £2.99 postage, you recive 5-6 sample products every month. You collect points every time you purchase your sample and if you refere a friend. Those points turn into pounds which you can spend on full sized products.

The July birch box samples came in a St tropez splash bag. I recieved the coral splash bag , inside there were six sample products. . .

1) UNANI, aloe Vera gel
2) INDEMNE, ear de genie
3) POP beauty, eyeshadow trio in peach parfait
4) Benifit cosmetics, dream screen
5) JELLY PONG PONG, glow getter luminizer gel
6)Barley, prep, blot and blend sponge

They include a booklet that tells you what products you have and what to do with them and how much the actually size product is.

This is what it says about this months products. . .

UNANI, aloe Vera gel | £15
WHAT - if your skin's in need of a little TLC after a day in the sunshine, it's time to make friends with this soothing lotion. Packed with aloe Vera it calms and nourishes to help skin recover.
HOW - massage all over the skin, focusing on the areas that are feeling a little sore.

INDEMNE, eau de genie | £11.20
WHAT - give your skincare regime a natural boost with this 100% organic skin spritz. It enhances your usual cleanser with a cocktail of grapefruit, lemon, apricot and tomato waters to leave skin clean, soft and glowing.
HOW - after cleaning, spritz onto your face then wipe away residue with a cotton pad.

POP Beauty, eyeshadow trio in peach parfait | £15.50
WHAT - master your summer smokey eye with this nifty palette - blend all three silky shades for a perfectly pretty look or apply just your favourite for a subtle wash of colour.
HOW - apply the peach shade all over the lid then apply the darker colour through your crease and the lightest at the inner corner and beneath the brow line.

Benefit Cosmetics, dream screen | £25
WHAT - hello sunshine! This ultra lightweight, matte-finish sunscreen absorbs in a flash, keeps your complexion hydrated, and protects against the sun damage with a whopping SPF 45. Your summer essentials in a bottle.
HOW - shake well then apply evenly to clean, moisturised skin before heading outside.

JELLY PONG PONG, glow getter luminizer gel £8.95
WHAT - your personal lighting crew in a bottle - this lightweight gel illuminates brow bones, adds lustre to cheekbones, and basically adds a little pearlescent shine wherever you want it!
HOW - dab a pearl-sized amount onto cheek and brow bones, and lightly dab with fingertips to blend.

Barley, prep, blot and blend sponge | 5.99 
WHAT - the key to a flawless look? Perfecting your base (and were not talking foundation). Smooth on your skincare and primers to prep your skin for make-up with this nifty ovoid sponge.
HOW - squeeze in warm water 5 times before use. Apply product and blend onto skin using a stippling motion.

All the products look and sound great I can't wait to take them with me on my holiday and try them out. You can get Augusts birch box Here now.

Do you get a birch box or are you going to try them out?

Danielle x

Things that have made me smile ~ week four

1) going for a lovely long walk taking some pictures of the nature
2) rekindling my love for a playstation game and playing it for hours
3) facetimeing my sister while she is on holiday
4) receiving my second birch box
5) getting some gardening and deep cleaning done

What has made you smile this week?

Danielle x

Think like a blogger #7 ~ pamper night

I did it I managed to create 7 blog post from things that I already had! I have loved doing this it really made me look at what I had and really got my inspired for lots of blog post! I hope you have enjoyed reading them, and if you have I will leave you with the last one . . .

I have all this time of work and no sun to enjoy it in, my partner is working and my family are on holiday so what better way to spend my day then have a pamper day, a bit of me time.

1) So first on my list of pamper has to be a bath! And no pamper bath it complete without a bath bomb, I used lushes space girl. I like to exfoliate all my skin making it silky smooth, Ive been loving the zoella Scrubbing me softly

2) After a long soak watching youtube videos and singing loudly I finished of my skin routine by moisturising my skin. Naturally I followed with the same brand and used zoellas Candy cream body lotion.

3) After concentrating on the skin on my body it was time to give my face some TLC, I washed my face using my Liz earl cleanse and polish followed by the toner and moisturiser. Once I'd cleaned my skin I applied a face mask, I used Lush cupcake which smells good enough to eat.

4) While I left my face mask to do its work I set myself on the long task of doing my nails. When pampering myself I like to do the works, remove cuticles, buffer, file, under coat, varnish and top coat. It's lengthy but totally worth it. When they were 100% dry I washed of my mask and added a splash of cold water to my face.

5) Now my skin and nails were pampered it was time to just completely relax so I ordered some food, poured my self a cheeky glass of wine and watched Netflix.

That really was a perfect day. Whats in your pamper day?

Danielle x

Think like a blogger challenge #6 ~ my top 10 beauty essentials

1. Cotton pads
I use these on a daily basis for many things, to apply toner, wipe of lipstick, Remove makeup. You'll be surprised just how much you use them, that's why I keep them in a jar on my dressing table.

2. Cleanser, toner and moisturiser
Not matter what make it is it's really good to keep to a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. It helps to keep you skin clean, smooth and spot free.

3. Exfoliator
This is more of a summer beauty essentials as a exfoliator removes all the dead skin from your body and leave it fresh a clean ready for . . .

4. Moisturiser
We all love smooth skin and we all get this by putting moisture into it especially after exfoliating the skin as this can be a little harsh on the skin.

5. Makeup brushes
I use to apply my makeup with my fingers but I realised it isn't great for my skin and really doesn't blend the makeup in as well as brushes do. Don't worry you don't have to spend loads on some amazing brushes, unless of course you want to. I have the Lottie London brushes from superdrug which you can get a best of the brushes set for £20.

6. Water
I no everyone says it but drinking water really does help your skin stay hydrated.

7. Makeup remover/wipes
I do prefer the micellar makeup remover over wipes as I feel it's more sensitive to my skin and removes tough makeup easier like masscara.

8. Lip balm
When I, not wearing lip stick I'm constantly wearing lip balm, it keeps my lips smooth ready for when I want to wear lipstick.

9. Tinted moisturiser
Most days I don't actually want to wear foundation so a little bit of tinted moisturiser just to cover up any blemishes or dark circles.

10. Nail buffer
Keeping my nails strong and smooth is really important as I don't like to wear false ones to I like to keep them strong, smooth and all the same length if I can.

What are your beauty essentials?

Danielle x

Think like a blogger #5 - home made strawberry ice loillies

Even tho we're not having many hot days I just enjoy an ice lolly and these home made strawberry ones are delicious. They taste like frozen strawberry smoothie and are healthy too!

You will need. . . 

  • 400g strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons white granulated sugar
  • 200g Greek style yoghurt 
  • Blender 
  • Ice lolly moulds
Instructions. . . 

1) wash and cut the tops of the strawberries.
2) slice the strawberries up and place them in a bowl.
3) sprinkle them with 2 table spoons of sugar and allow the to sit for 30 minutes.
4) blend the strawberries and the Greek style yoghurt together until puréed.
5) pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and freeze them for at least an hour.
6) serve as a snack on a hot day, or enjoy inside if we don't get any sun. 

Do you have any delicious home made ice lolly recipes? 

Danielle x

think like a blogger #4 ~what's on my dressing table

When I read someone's blog I like to try and get to know them on a personal level, I've recently done a What's in my bag post so I thought I would do a what's on my dressing table post so you can see a bit more into my life.

My dressing table is all white with one draw in the middle and an oval mirror, it got from eBay as a birthday present. You can get a smililar one Here, it did also come with a stool.

I kind of have my dressing table split into three sections, left, middle and right.

On the left side I have a few of my everyday lipsticks so there easy to grab on the go. I have the Liz earl eye bright for when I don't get quite as much sleep as I should have. In the corner I have a few hair products, Aussie heat spray to protect my hair, dry shampoo for when I'm lazy and don't wash my hair and hair spray to keep everything in place.

In the middle I have my new collection of Lottie London makeup brushes which I keep in a small mason jar that I picked up for 59p from home bargains. In the centre I have this cute wooden box that say "things" on it and it has exactly that inside it just random things really, mainly hair slides as I'm forever losing them. In another jar next to the box I keep cotton pads as I use these daily they are just so easy to grab keeping them in a jar. I recently added this cute unicorn ring holder to my dressing table which I picked up for £2.99 at home bargains, I just keep rings and the occasional earring in it, I love the touch of gold on the horn.

On the right side I keep my face products and smelly products. I have my micellar cleansing water, Liz earl toner and moisturiser for my face. I have deodorant, body spray and zoellas lets spritz body mist to make me smell nice.

Also on the right side I have my hair brush for obvious reason and a coasta as I always get ready while drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

In my draw I just keep a couple of random things and a bag with my everyday makeup inside it. I do have more products in baskets at the side of my dressing table but that a whole other post.

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey at my dressing table. I would love to see some of yours.

Danielle x

Think like a blogger #3 ~ things that have made me smile week 3

Its been a strange kind of week this week, not been at work, not having to get up at 6.30 and not having a list of a million things to do. So here's the things that have made me smile this week. . .

1) having a lie in
2) visiting and laying some flowers on my grandmas grave to mark the anniversary of he death.
3) sitting in the garden, in the sun just relaxing
4) having my family dog come and stay with us while my parents are on holiday
5) going on a long walk in the sun

I haven't really been up to match this week but sometimes not doing anything can be one of the best things to do.

What has made you smile this week?

Danielle x

Think like a blogger #2 ~ July favourites

I can't believe its the end of July already, where has this year gone? Well another month another load of favourites . . .

1. Apple blossom scented candle
I don't actually know where this is from as it was a gift from a parent at work but I'll be sure to ask her when I'm back at work as its smells amazing. Obviously it's smells likes apples but the sent is just so fruity and fresh a great home smell.

2. Zoella lets spritz body mist
I no the new zoella range will be in most people's monthly favourites so I thought I would just share my favourite product from the collection. The body mist has been my daily go to sent the smell is fruity but not overwhelming so it is perfect for day to day wear, and lets face it the packaging is too pretty to not be on display on my dressing table.

3. 90210
After watching all of pll I needed a new series to watch, I'd watched 90210 as a teenage but couldn't remember them all so I wanted to watch them all again. It is about a group of friends living in Beverly hills and is a drama about there lives. The stories in the series are really relateable to many of ours lives and there is always something happening so it keeps you hooked. It most defiantly kept me hooked. I have now finished this so if anyone has any suggestions of a series to watch on Netflix please let me know.

4. Liz earl products
I have been obsessed with my Liz earl cleanser, toner and moisturiser it has made such a difference to my skin. I have used all three products morning and night for Nearly a month now and my skin has never been more clear and soft. I don't think I'll be changing my skin care products anytime soon.

5. Mac Rebel 
I won't say to much about this product as I have written a blog post on it that you can read HereMac reble has been the lipstick I have worn the most this month, it has just added a pop of colour to every outfit that I have worn and I've had a lot of complements on it.

6. Aussie 3 minute miracle light Aussome volume
This is a new product from Aussie and with this been my favourite hair brand I couldn't wait to try it and I wasn't disappointed. This smells amazing, the smell actually reminds me of holiday and it really does add a lot of volume to your hair.

7. Primark nude nail varnish
I've never bought any primark beauty products but my sister stole my nude nail varnish to take on her holiday so I just picked this up so I had a nude shade while she was gone. I love it, it's the perfect shade of nude and has great staying power. It does take a while to dry so I would suggest only painting your nails with this varnish when you have plenty of time to let them dry fully. But for 80p I was impressed!

What have you favourites been this month?

Danielle x