Birch box | July

I stumbled across Birch box on Instagram. You sign up Online and for £13 a month, £10 for samples and £2.99 postage, you recive 5-6 sample products every month. You collect points every time you purchase your sample and if you refere a friend. Those points turn into pounds which you can spend on full sized products.

The July birch box samples came in a St tropez splash bag. I recieved the coral splash bag , inside there were six sample products. . .

1) UNANI, aloe Vera gel
2) INDEMNE, ear de genie
3) POP beauty, eyeshadow trio in peach parfait
4) Benifit cosmetics, dream screen
5) JELLY PONG PONG, glow getter luminizer gel
6)Barley, prep, blot and blend sponge

They include a booklet that tells you what products you have and what to do with them and how much the actually size product is.

This is what it says about this months products. . .

UNANI, aloe Vera gel | £15
WHAT - if your skin's in need of a little TLC after a day in the sunshine, it's time to make friends with this soothing lotion. Packed with aloe Vera it calms and nourishes to help skin recover.
HOW - massage all over the skin, focusing on the areas that are feeling a little sore.

INDEMNE, eau de genie | £11.20
WHAT - give your skincare regime a natural boost with this 100% organic skin spritz. It enhances your usual cleanser with a cocktail of grapefruit, lemon, apricot and tomato waters to leave skin clean, soft and glowing.
HOW - after cleaning, spritz onto your face then wipe away residue with a cotton pad.

POP Beauty, eyeshadow trio in peach parfait | £15.50
WHAT - master your summer smokey eye with this nifty palette - blend all three silky shades for a perfectly pretty look or apply just your favourite for a subtle wash of colour.
HOW - apply the peach shade all over the lid then apply the darker colour through your crease and the lightest at the inner corner and beneath the brow line.

Benefit Cosmetics, dream screen | £25
WHAT - hello sunshine! This ultra lightweight, matte-finish sunscreen absorbs in a flash, keeps your complexion hydrated, and protects against the sun damage with a whopping SPF 45. Your summer essentials in a bottle.
HOW - shake well then apply evenly to clean, moisturised skin before heading outside.

JELLY PONG PONG, glow getter luminizer gel £8.95
WHAT - your personal lighting crew in a bottle - this lightweight gel illuminates brow bones, adds lustre to cheekbones, and basically adds a little pearlescent shine wherever you want it!
HOW - dab a pearl-sized amount onto cheek and brow bones, and lightly dab with fingertips to blend.

Barley, prep, blot and blend sponge | 5.99 
WHAT - the key to a flawless look? Perfecting your base (and were not talking foundation). Smooth on your skincare and primers to prep your skin for make-up with this nifty ovoid sponge.
HOW - squeeze in warm water 5 times before use. Apply product and blend onto skin using a stippling motion.

All the products look and sound great I can't wait to take them with me on my holiday and try them out. You can get Augusts birch box Here now.

Do you get a birch box or are you going to try them out?

Danielle x


  1. Lovely box and great products too! The Aloe gel sounds fab as I've heard so much positive feedback from these gels x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Thank you do you subscribe to the birch box?x