Holiday makeup bag

I don't wear any makeup during the day time on holiday but I still like to wear in the evening. As I don't really tan I just take my usual shades.

Foundation, tinted moisturiser and powder
I take both as even the lightest foundation can still feel heavy in the heat so sometimes I like to just wear tinted moisturiser to give me coverage but not feel heavy. I always use a powder to set my foundation but it can also look nice instead of foundation to give a light coverage. 

Eye products 
Mascara and eye shadow, I only take a couple of pallets as I don't like to pack to much so I just take a couple that I create a few different looks with and of course no look is complete with out mascara. 

For my cheeks I like a simple contour look and this Maybelline face master sculpt it's a great easy way to achieve this. With both products been in one pallet it is easy to pack. 

I have light eyebrows I don't do much to them as it can make them to bold and look silly on me so I just use the light powder in rimmels brow this way to give them shape and even them out.

I take few different colours usually a nude, a pinky shade and a couple of bolder colours to go with all my outfits and to create different looks.

Makeup brushes
Will still be using my lottie London makeup brushes while I'm away to create my looks. Useing brush just creates a softer more flawless skin and is cleaner than using fingers.

That is all, I don't take to much as I don't like wearing to much makeup in the heat and we do have a weight limit. 

What are your must have holiday makeup products?

Danielle x

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