Holiday skin products

As you may know I have been loving the Liz earl products so I will be taking the cloths, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye lotion and hand cream. I will also be taking. . .

Body cream
Shower gel 
Face mask 
Sun cream and aftersun
Lip balm
Insect repellent  

Sun cream and after sun has to be the first product on my list for skincare. I am so pale I don't really tan so I need a high factor sun cream and a lot of aftersun to replenish and repair my skin after it has been in the sun. I sweat a lot on holiday so it's important that I keep my skin clean so I will be using my Liz earl  products morning and night. The sun really isn't kind on our skin so it's important to really look after it when on holiday, I will be using the Liz earl  moisturiser on my face and the Zoella body cream  on the rest of my body. To remove any dead flakey skin I will be using the Zoella Exfoliator  then Aussie shower gel  to ensure I smell lovely and fresh. Of course a razor needs to be packed I don't want to teaming my bikinis up with hairy legs. I usually apply a face mask once a week so I still want to continue that while away. I'm taking a peel of face mask as it doesn't have to be kept in the fridge so it's okay to be in my suit case and it hardly takes up any room. I think it will be nice to refresh my skin half way through my holiday or towards the end of the week just to replenish it from all the heat. The eye lotion will help for after my flight or any late nights to prevent them looking red and tired. I use hand cream a lot at home anyway so I usually pack it for any where I go but on holiday I will be using it constantly. My hands really suffer on holiday from the pool and sea water and from the sun. My lips get so dry in the sun and I usually forget to take lipbalm and they end up very cracked and sore so it is most definitely on my list this time. The insects really love my skin but my skin doesn't love them. I really don't won't bites all over my legs when I've got them out all the time, also the pain and irritation can really ruin my day so incest repellent is getting packed. 

What skin products do you pack? 

Danielle x


  1. Liz Earl sounds great! It's been really popular, I'd love to try it some day!
    xo, Jessie | Bear and Berries