Things that have made me smile ~ week five

1) having a bbq with my family with a tiny bit sun shining through the clouds
2) having afternoon 'tea' (I had coffee) and scone in a little cafe
3) starting to pack for my holiday
4) buying my first autumn jumper (I love autumn and winter) and having my first hot chocolate since winter
5) having a quite night in with my partner, rabbit and Netflix

What's made you smile this week?

Danielle x


  1. This is such an amazing blog post idea, I love spreading positivity to readers and looking back at everything that made you happy makes me happy too!
    My happiest moments this week were going to Blackpool and spending time with my beautiful baby cousins, going to the aquarium which are my favourite places to visit, and drinking this delicious hot chocolate on the Blackpool Pier with my Mum and Grandad :)
    - Molly x

    1. That sounds lovely. I love spreading a little positivity at the end of the week xx

  2. I can totally understand your excitement over your first autumn jumper purchase!xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

  3. I can't wait for autumn! Celebrating my birthday with my family and boyfriend is what's made me happy this week! Great post xx

    1. Me either, that sounds lovely I hope you had a great birthday xx