think like a blogger #4 ~what's on my dressing table

When I read someone's blog I like to try and get to know them on a personal level, I've recently done a What's in my bag post so I thought I would do a what's on my dressing table post so you can see a bit more into my life.

My dressing table is all white with one draw in the middle and an oval mirror, it got from eBay as a birthday present. You can get a smililar one Here, it did also come with a stool.

I kind of have my dressing table split into three sections, left, middle and right.

On the left side I have a few of my everyday lipsticks so there easy to grab on the go. I have the Liz earl eye bright for when I don't get quite as much sleep as I should have. In the corner I have a few hair products, Aussie heat spray to protect my hair, dry shampoo for when I'm lazy and don't wash my hair and hair spray to keep everything in place.

In the middle I have my new collection of Lottie London makeup brushes which I keep in a small mason jar that I picked up for 59p from home bargains. In the centre I have this cute wooden box that say "things" on it and it has exactly that inside it just random things really, mainly hair slides as I'm forever losing them. In another jar next to the box I keep cotton pads as I use these daily they are just so easy to grab keeping them in a jar. I recently added this cute unicorn ring holder to my dressing table which I picked up for £2.99 at home bargains, I just keep rings and the occasional earring in it, I love the touch of gold on the horn.

On the right side I keep my face products and smelly products. I have my micellar cleansing water, Liz earl toner and moisturiser for my face. I have deodorant, body spray and zoellas lets spritz body mist to make me smell nice.

Also on the right side I have my hair brush for obvious reason and a coasta as I always get ready while drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

In my draw I just keep a couple of random things and a bag with my everyday makeup inside it. I do have more products in baskets at the side of my dressing table but that a whole other post.

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey at my dressing table. I would love to see some of yours.

Danielle x

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