Think like a blogger challenge #6 ~ my top 10 beauty essentials

1. Cotton pads
I use these on a daily basis for many things, to apply toner, wipe of lipstick, Remove makeup. You'll be surprised just how much you use them, that's why I keep them in a jar on my dressing table.

2. Cleanser, toner and moisturiser
Not matter what make it is it's really good to keep to a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. It helps to keep you skin clean, smooth and spot free.

3. Exfoliator
This is more of a summer beauty essentials as a exfoliator removes all the dead skin from your body and leave it fresh a clean ready for . . .

4. Moisturiser
We all love smooth skin and we all get this by putting moisture into it especially after exfoliating the skin as this can be a little harsh on the skin.

5. Makeup brushes
I use to apply my makeup with my fingers but I realised it isn't great for my skin and really doesn't blend the makeup in as well as brushes do. Don't worry you don't have to spend loads on some amazing brushes, unless of course you want to. I have the Lottie London brushes from superdrug which you can get a best of the brushes set for £20.

6. Water
I no everyone says it but drinking water really does help your skin stay hydrated.

7. Makeup remover/wipes
I do prefer the micellar makeup remover over wipes as I feel it's more sensitive to my skin and removes tough makeup easier like masscara.

8. Lip balm
When I, not wearing lip stick I'm constantly wearing lip balm, it keeps my lips smooth ready for when I want to wear lipstick.

9. Tinted moisturiser
Most days I don't actually want to wear foundation so a little bit of tinted moisturiser just to cover up any blemishes or dark circles.

10. Nail buffer
Keeping my nails strong and smooth is really important as I don't like to wear false ones to I like to keep them strong, smooth and all the same length if I can.

What are your beauty essentials?

Danielle x


  1. I love my garnier micellar water too, it's definitely up there with my beauty essentials!

    1. I no it's amazing I, never without it now xx