Think like a blogger #7 ~ pamper night

I did it I managed to create 7 blog post from things that I already had! I have loved doing this it really made me look at what I had and really got my inspired for lots of blog post! I hope you have enjoyed reading them, and if you have I will leave you with the last one . . .

I have all this time of work and no sun to enjoy it in, my partner is working and my family are on holiday so what better way to spend my day then have a pamper day, a bit of me time.

1) So first on my list of pamper has to be a bath! And no pamper bath it complete without a bath bomb, I used lushes space girl. I like to exfoliate all my skin making it silky smooth, Ive been loving the zoella Scrubbing me softly

2) After a long soak watching youtube videos and singing loudly I finished of my skin routine by moisturising my skin. Naturally I followed with the same brand and used zoellas Candy cream body lotion.

3) After concentrating on the skin on my body it was time to give my face some TLC, I washed my face using my Liz earl cleanse and polish followed by the toner and moisturiser. Once I'd cleaned my skin I applied a face mask, I used Lush cupcake which smells good enough to eat.

4) While I left my face mask to do its work I set myself on the long task of doing my nails. When pampering myself I like to do the works, remove cuticles, buffer, file, under coat, varnish and top coat. It's lengthy but totally worth it. When they were 100% dry I washed of my mask and added a splash of cold water to my face.

5) Now my skin and nails were pampered it was time to just completely relax so I ordered some food, poured my self a cheeky glass of wine and watched Netflix.

That really was a perfect day. Whats in your pamper day?

Danielle x


  1. This post makes me wanna to bath)))

  2. It is the most relaxing thing xx

  3. See, now I really want to take a nice bath and pamper myself, but it is so humid here! It's no fun sitting in a warm bath and getting out into the heat, haha. I recently bought some new bath bombs though (Space Girl included) so I hope the humidity breaks soon!

    Congrats on finishing your challenge :)


    1. I wish it was too hot for a bath here, I can't wait to escape to heat in a few weeks. There really are no better bath products than lush ones, hope you get to use them soon xx

  4. I love pampering! I usually take a long hot bath with bath bombs and some tv show on the side :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Yes I usually take the opportunity to catch up on some YouTube while I have a soak xx

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