Benefit they're real

If you have read my previous post you will no I went to a benefit makeup party at my local debenhams. I picked up the radiant skin care sample set (you can read the blog post Here) and the They're real mascara which came with a sample size They're real push-up eyeliner and sample size They're real remover

We got to try out all the products at the makeup party, when I tried the mascara it was love at first sight. It instantly lifted my lashes and gave them so much volume, it really opened up my eyes and looked lovely against eyeshadow. 

Here's how the website says to apply it . . . 

(Almost) too gorgeous to be true

Nothing faux about it...turn heads with a wink that’s beyond belief. Take your pretty positions: Hold the wand horizontally and give the brush a wiggle wiggle from side to side & base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length and lift. Flip you grip. Hold the wand vertically and stroke upward to curl & separate. Layer generously, as you wish. " 
You can get the mascara in black, brown and blue. I purchased it in black as I wanted it as an everyday mascara but friend bought it in blue as well. When she tried it on it looked amazing, it really made her blue eyes stand out and looked lovely with her blonde hair. If you have blonde hair and blue eyes I would recommend you trying the blue colour. 

I love the mascara and wear every time I want to make my eyes pop!

I didn't want to buy the eyeliner or remover but they came free in sample sizes with the mascara. I'm not very good at applying eyeliner and I don't like on me either but I gave it a go at the party anyway. Well I just got myself in a mess and had to remove it, and you NEED the remover to get rid of it! I was disappointed that I couldn't get along with it as it has a accuflex tip for easy application and is water and smudge proof, but I'm just not an eyeliner kind of person. However if you are then I would suggest giving it a go, I gave it to my sister and she loved it. 

Here's how the website says to apply it . . . 

“Pro liner looks, no experience needed”

Ooh la la, it’s your first time? Prep the pen by removing the orange AccuFlex™ tip protector (you can toss ‘er). Twist base until gel appears on tip, then wipe off excess.  

Now do it on the daily. First things first—clean the tip: Start by wiping off leftover gel on the AccuFlex™ tip before each use. Slowly twist the base until a tiny amount of gel appears on the tip. Rest the tip on the base of your lashes and guide along your lashline from either the inner or outer corner. The angled AccuFlex™ tip works both ways, with pleasure.

You can purchase the eyeliner in black, brown, blue, purple and green! So you can really go to town and create some gorgeous looks. 

Have you tried any of the benefit makeup products? 

Danielle xx


  1. Thanks for sharing what you think about these♥♥

  2. I've tried the They're Real mascara, and I really like it. Mine's in a brown, so I like it for a more every-day look, but it is quite nice! It's a bit difficult to remove, though!


    1. I use the liz Earl cleanse and polish, it removes it really quickly and easily xx

    2. I use the liz Earl cleanse and polish, it removes it really quickly and easily xx

  3. Haven't tried them but heard so many good things! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me