Things that have made me smile | week 11

It's been another quite week for me again, I'm going to be having a few quite weeks throughout October while I save up some spending money for London. I still got myself a little treat and enjoyed myself tho, so here's what made me smile . . .

1) Celebrating my boyfriends, sisters birthday.
2) Adding to my colourful, Lottie London, makeup brush collection.
3) Relaxing in the sauna, steam room and hot tub.
4) Enrolling onto my university course.
5) Indulging in garlic bread and cheesy chips with my friend whilst have a good old gossip.

What's cheered you up this week?

Danielle x


  1. LOVE the colorful makeup brushes

    1. They look so cute on my dressing table xx

  2. There were a lot of things that made me smile :) One of those are having a nice laugh with my friends on Friday, also watching Scream Queens newest episode (it was hilarious!) :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

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