What I love about autumn

Its no secret that I love Autumn, I say it enough. The clocks going back an hour bring us darker colder evenings, the most perfect excuse to light the candles and get snuggled up under a blanket. It's such a cosier time of year and brings many evenings cuddled up on the sofa watching movies. There are so many things that I love about autumn so I thought I would share a few.

Hot drinks
Autumn welcomes the month of pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon hot chocolates. I love having the added extra flavours in my drinks and always enjoy a cinnamon hot chocolate when coming in from the cold.

Hot baths 
I enjoy having a long soak in the bath all year round but I have a lot more in autumn, I love adding a bath bomb to make it more relaxing and fill the room with a gorgeous smells.

Blankets and autumnal jumpers 
I love layers in the colder months and I am a sucker for a mustard coloured jumper. I love to wrap up warm and that doesn't change in evening, there's nothing better then putting on soft pj's after a warm bath and snuggling up with a cinnamon hot chocolate under the softest warmest blanket you can get your hands on.

Candles twinkling on the mantel of a darkened room make it instantly cosy, the scents fill the room with warming smells creating the perfect cosy evening. I have had the sweet Halloween jar lit every night this month.

Evening walks
I love stepping out into the fresh autumn air seeing your breath as it leaves your mouth and listening to the crunch of leaves that fill the ground. The sunset is such beautiful colours this time of year, the early dark nights make it easy to catch when your leaving work and just on a peaceful evening walk.

Berry Lip and tartan scarf 
A berry lip is gorgeous this time of year and is a lovely change to the traditional colours we stick with. I love wearing MAC rebel this time of year to complete my autumn makeup look. A tartan scarf is traditional autumn wear and looks lovely with a berry lip.

What do you love about autumn?

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 15

This week has been a bit stressful, we got the dreaded ofsted call. If you work with children you will know how stressful and scary this is. So this next week is going to busy busy. On top of that I have to move house this week in time for going to London this weekend. So there goes my lazy half term of, never the less I still have things to smile about.

1) Signing our new tenency agreement, I can't wait to move in on Wednesday.
2) Handing in my first two uni assignments.
3) Starting to pack, I didn't realise how much stuff we have.
4) Celebrating my boyfriends birthday.
5) Catching up with a friend I haven't seen for a while.

What has made you smile this week?

Danielle x

Halloween cupcakes

For the cupcakes you will need:
  • 110g/4pz butter or margarine, softened at room temperature 
  • 10g/4oz caster sugar 
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten 
  • 1tsp vanilla extract 
  • 100g/4oz self-raising flour 
  • 1-2 tbsp milk
  • Black and orange food colouring
  • Coloured icing 
  • Halloween sprinkles 


1) Preheat your oven to 180c/350f/gas 4 and line your muffin tray with paper cases. I used black and white coloured cases to go with my Halloween theme.
2) Place the butter and the sugar together in your mixing bowl and cream them together until the mixture is soft and pale. Using a little bit at a time beat in the eggs and stir in the vanilla extract. 
3) Fold in all of the flour using a large metal spoon. Then add a little milk until the mixture is of a dropping consistency.
4) Half the mixture into two separate bowls. Add the black food colouring to one mixture until your achieve the desired colour, do the same with the other mixture adding orange food colouring. 
5) Using tea spoons and a spoonful of black mixture to a bun case then a spoonful of orange on top on the black layer. Repeat until the case is half full. Continue the same technique for all the bun
6) Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden-brown on top. To check they are fully cooked
insert a skewer into one cake and if it comes out clean it is fully cooked. Leave them to cool on a wire rack.
7) Using a metal spoon, spoon the icing into a piping bag, add the desired end. Once the cakes are fully cooled squeeze the icing on top of the cakes and decorate using Halloween sprinkles. 
8) serve at a party, to trick or treaters or enjoy yourself in front of a Halloween or scary movie (if your brave). 


Tag me in Halloween treats your make, or any carved pumpkins, I love to see what people create. 


Danielle x

Liz earl hair oil

I love the Liz earl skin products, when I made my regular Liz earl purchase I was so pleased to see some fee gifts in there including the Botanical shine, nourishing hair oil. I hadn't tried any of of the Liz earl hair products before this one so I tired it straight away. I applied it after washing my hair, I used two pumps and ran it through the lengths and ends of my hair, and brushed it all through.

After blow drying I styled my hair and the frizz was gone and my hair felt so so so soft I just wanted to keep touching it. Aswell as tameing fizz this hair oil helps to reduce split ends and condition your hair.

Here's what the website says . . . 

Enjoy multiple benefits in one easy-to-use product with our luxurious, lightweight botanical hair oil. Suitable for all hair types, use as a finishing touch on dry hair to smooth, condition and reduce the appearance of split ends, or on damp hair to speed up blow-dry time and protect against heat damage caused by styling. Salon-perfect hair starts here.
Before blow-drying, apply 1-2 pumps to towel-dried hair before styling as usual.
Naturally active ingredients include Kalahari melon seed oil, coconut oil and radish seed oil for their smoothing, softening, moisturising and shine-boosting properties.

You can buy a 50ml bottle for £17.25 which will last ages as you only need a couple of pumps for each use.

I would recommend this product if you have fizzy fly away hair or just need to give your hair a little boost.

Have you used any of the Liz earl hair products?

Danielle x

Things that have made me smile | week 14

This week has been a tiring one, working late everyday and doing uni work so it has been lovely to relax and have some fun over the weekend. Here's what's made me smile . . .

1) Going to hull fair, going on a few (not very scary) rides and winning two rather large teddies that i don't really know what to do with.
2) Recieving my NUS extra card so I can get even more bargains when I'm shopping.
3) Handing in reference forms to hopefully get a new place (fingers crossed).
4) Purchasing a new autumnal scarf and a hat to keep me warm now we are in the colder months.
5) Sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolates (I've got to keep warm).

What's made you smile this week?

Danielle x 

Weekend morning routine

My weekend and weekday morning routine are very different, as in the week I do as little as possible so I can stay in bed for longer.

I love not having an alarm set, when I wake up my boyfriend usually brings me a coffee in bed (I have to hint a few times). I then sip on that while scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, usually uploading a snap or two.

When I drag myself out of bed I go for a shower, play some music and sing really loudly. I love using the Aussie shower smoothie, the sweet smell lasts all day. I then brush my teeth and wash my face using the Liz earl cleanse and polish .

As I have to walk through the kitchen to go back into the bedroom I naturally make another cup of coffee to drink while I get ready. While I wait for it cool down, I look through my hoard of clothes (usually moaning I have nothing to wear) and try many things on until I decide what to wear.

Once dressed I will spritz my hair with Aussie hair spray  and brush it through. I have naturally frizzy hair so I apply the Liz earl hair oil to tame it and brush it through again. I tie my hair up to move it out of my face and clip my fringe back to start on my face.

I prep my face with Liz earl toner applying it all over with a cotton pad, then apply  Liz earl moisturiser all over. I've been wearing my autumn make up look most days, which is a smokey eye and a purple lip, you can read what I use here.

My hair is mostly dry by now but I blow dry it to ensure its completely dry and give my fringe a curved shape. I like to wear my hair curly so I split my hair into sections and use my big barrelled hair curler to create big waves. My fringe doesn't get all its shape from blow drying it so I run the straighteners through it.

I spray deodorant, body spray and a spritz of perfume and head out for the day. (Usually going for lunch and looking in the shops).

Do you add anything extra to your weekend morning routine?

Danielle x

Birch box | October

In this months Birch box  you can choose from two box's, back to basics or stylist. I choose back to basic as I preferred the sound of the products inside. There are 6 products inside and 2 of them are full size! So it's most definitely worth the money this month. Here's the products and how to use them . . .

Eyeko | fat liquid eyeliner in black | £12 | full size 
WHAT | Lets face it, sometimes bigger is better - at least, this chubby eyeliner pen would suggest so! Smudge-proof, ultra-black, and super-intense - it glides on for a high-impact look.
HOW | Trace along your upper lash line, keeping as close to the lashes as possible, then flick out if you're feeling bold.

Seche Vite | dry fast top coat | £9 | full size 
WHAT | Perfect your at home mani - fast! - with the ultimate top coat. This patented formula locks in colour for the long haul with this durable, yet gorgeously glossy finish. PLUS, it leaves nails touch dry in minutes. 
HOW | Apply a generous coat (no thin layers here!) over freshly-painted nails. Reapply after three days to extend the longevity of your manicure. 

Bioderma | hydrabio h20 | £10.20 
WHAT | This beauty ediotors' favourite gets a dry skin-friendly upgrade with the addition of aquagenium to lock in moisture levels while gently cleansing 
HOW | Soak a cotton pad then wipe across your face and eyes until all make-up residue is gone - there's no need to rinse! 

Regenerate | Enamel science advanced toothpaste | £10 
WHAT | Nit only does this minty-fresh formula protect against cavities and boosts original whiteness, but it also works to reverse the early invisible signs of enamel erosion process! Isn't that something to smile about? 
HOW | Brush your teeth with this at least twice a day, in place of your normal toothpaste.

Hydro nutritive moisturising shampoo | £11.50 
WHAT | Forget going to extremes to repair damaged hair, this gentle formula uses the natural benefits of avocado oil and aloe Vera to repair locks. Hello, happy hair! 
HOW | Massage a coin-sized amount into wet hair, working into a lather, then rinse away. 

Beaver nutritive moisturising conditioner | £12 
WHAT | When things are feeling a little frazzled, this hydrating formula will keep things calm. It nourishes and strengthens damaged hair to leave it soft and smooth.
HOW | Work a coin-sized amount into the ends of wet hair, after shampooing, then rinse away. 

My favourite product this month has to the Eyeko, Fat liquid eyeliner. You may have seen in a previous post that I'm not a massive fan of liquid eyeliner, I find it awkward to apply and never get it right, but this eyeliner has converted me. The style of the eyeliner is just like a pen which makes it so easy to apply. The black colour is so bold which makes it stand out and it creates the perfect traditional cat eye flick. This eyeliner has arrived just in time to create some amazing Halloween looks, so you can get creative! 

Which box did you choose this month and what was you favourite product inside it? 

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 13

My emotions have been a bit all over the place this week, luckily I have great friends, family and a supportive boyfriend that are always there for me. Whenever there's bad there's good, here's the good things in my week . . .

1) Having a movie and pizza night with my sisters.
2) Baking Halloween treats.
3) Having a lazy Saturday, with lots of sleep and junk food.
4) Buying and burning a Halloween candle, it smells like Halloween treats.
5) Receiving Octobers Birch Box.

What's made you smile this week?

Danielle x 

Autumn makeup look

For me an Autumn makeup look is all about a smokey eye and dark purple lip. I like to embrace my paleness in the colder months as I'm not trying to match everyone else's tans.

For the base I use a pale foundation with a light coverage followed by a light dusting of powder to keep the shin at bay. I love the Rimmel stay Matt powder, I think it's an old favourite for most people. To make sure I look alive (I am very pale) I use the Maybelline face master sculpt to contour my cheeks and add a little bronzer.

I'm not really sure why I do eyebrows as no one can see them because of my fringe, I guess my face just looks incomplete without them being done.

The MUA heaven and earth eyeshadow palette, is perfect for an autumn smokey eye, for a closer look at the palette you can read my blog post Here. Depending on how dark or light I want my smokey eye I use a light colour all over my lid and the arch of my eyebrow, then take a darker shade onto my lid and blend them together. I like to take a small amount of the darker shade and apply it to the outer part of my lower lash line. To complete my eye look I apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes.

I finish of the look with a purple berry lip, I like to use MAC rebel, but there are many great berry shades out there. Let me know if you have found the perfect berry lip colour.

Danielle x

Autumn accessories

I don't know about you but I change my accessories to match the season, and we are now entering the colder months and season of autumn. 

My essential Autumn accessories are . . . 

1) A dark coloured handbag to match most if not all outfits, a cream, brown or black coloured bag are usually the safest options to match most outfits. I bought this gorgeous brown leather satchel bag when I was on holiday in Greece. 

2) A hat or dark coloured headbands. I am loving the fedora hats this season, I picked this one for £8 at primark, but I've seen some gorgeous ones in, H&M, new look and TK max. For those days that are two windy for a hat, I like to tie my hair up and add a autumn coloured hair band just to jazz it up a bit.

3) For my makeup look in autumn I like to wear a dark smokey eye and this MUA eye shadow palette is perfect for creating the perfect smokey eye. To go with that I love a berry lip, I like too use Rebel by MAC. 

4) For my nails, I also like a berry or red colour to match my makeup look. 

5) Cosy slippers are a must to keep you feet warm on those cold nights. A cosy blanket goes nicely with these for ultimate cosiness and warmth. 

6) A scarf is a great accessory to add to a plain simple outfit. I like camel, red, brown or grey coloured ones for the Autumn months. 

What accessories do you like to wear in the autumn months? 

Danielle x

Things that have made me smile | week 12

I am actually writing this while soothing my sore throat with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the reason being the first things that has made me smile this week . . .

1) Seeing a Fall Out Boy live in Leeds last night, this was a last minute thing but such a great night.
2) Seeing fall out boy reminded me and a friend what other old bands we love, so we booked VIP tickets to see Scouting for girls in November. So excited to meet them and listen to there music again.
3) Starting university, it feels like ages ago I decided to do a university course at my local college, but on Friday I finally started it. It all went well and I'm looking forward to continuing.
4) Getting better after a viral infection.
5) Finally, just relaxing eating ice cream on a lazy Sunday afternoon, followed by a lovely Sunday dinner.

What's been the highlight of your week?

Danielle x 

September favourites

September has brought us the end of summer and the start of autumn which brings a change in all our wardrobes and makeup bags. Here's my favourite things this month . . . 

1) Liz earl face mask 
This is a perfect skin pick me up and a great addition to any pamper night or skin routine. I love what it has done to my skin and look forward to using it every week.

2) Super soft pj's and fluffy slippers 
Coming into the colder months I bought some new pj's and slippers from primark to keep me snug and warm on the evenings. The super soft ones are so comfortable and I've reached for them most evenings after a long day at work. I can't wait to get some Christmassy ones.

3) MUA heaven and earth eyeshadow palette 
I have raved about this product a lot this month but the colours are just beautiful and perfect for autumn. For £4 you can't not love it!

4) Mason jar 
I no I'm a little late to the party as these were a big thing in the summer. Like most people I bought it as more of an instagrammable purchase rather than to drink from but I have found myself drinking a lot more since using this. I don't usually drink enough so I've been using this non stop.

5) Apple and cinnamon candle 
I bought the small jar of this in the last week of September and burnt everyday I was in since. It is just autumn in a jar, i will be heading back to get the large jar from home bargains for £3, I might just get two.

6) Jumpers 
Now the sun has gone my jumpers have come out. I love been able to wear coloured ones without having to cover it with a jacket or coat.

7) Aussie hairspray 
I love the hold and sent that this hairspray gives. A lot of hairsprays have an over whelming smell but this one makes me want to spray more just for the smell. It's great to finish of your hair look and leaves it smelling lovely all day.

8) Lash sensation mascara 
This mascara gives so much lift and boldness to the lashes I've reached for this to finish of all my bold eye looks. I would love to get some of the other colours.

What have you loved this month?

Danielle x