Birch box | October

In this months Birch box  you can choose from two box's, back to basics or stylist. I choose back to basic as I preferred the sound of the products inside. There are 6 products inside and 2 of them are full size! So it's most definitely worth the money this month. Here's the products and how to use them . . .

Eyeko | fat liquid eyeliner in black | £12 | full size 
WHAT | Lets face it, sometimes bigger is better - at least, this chubby eyeliner pen would suggest so! Smudge-proof, ultra-black, and super-intense - it glides on for a high-impact look.
HOW | Trace along your upper lash line, keeping as close to the lashes as possible, then flick out if you're feeling bold.

Seche Vite | dry fast top coat | £9 | full size 
WHAT | Perfect your at home mani - fast! - with the ultimate top coat. This patented formula locks in colour for the long haul with this durable, yet gorgeously glossy finish. PLUS, it leaves nails touch dry in minutes. 
HOW | Apply a generous coat (no thin layers here!) over freshly-painted nails. Reapply after three days to extend the longevity of your manicure. 

Bioderma | hydrabio h20 | £10.20 
WHAT | This beauty ediotors' favourite gets a dry skin-friendly upgrade with the addition of aquagenium to lock in moisture levels while gently cleansing 
HOW | Soak a cotton pad then wipe across your face and eyes until all make-up residue is gone - there's no need to rinse! 

Regenerate | Enamel science advanced toothpaste | £10 
WHAT | Nit only does this minty-fresh formula protect against cavities and boosts original whiteness, but it also works to reverse the early invisible signs of enamel erosion process! Isn't that something to smile about? 
HOW | Brush your teeth with this at least twice a day, in place of your normal toothpaste.

Hydro nutritive moisturising shampoo | £11.50 
WHAT | Forget going to extremes to repair damaged hair, this gentle formula uses the natural benefits of avocado oil and aloe Vera to repair locks. Hello, happy hair! 
HOW | Massage a coin-sized amount into wet hair, working into a lather, then rinse away. 

Beaver nutritive moisturising conditioner | £12 
WHAT | When things are feeling a little frazzled, this hydrating formula will keep things calm. It nourishes and strengthens damaged hair to leave it soft and smooth.
HOW | Work a coin-sized amount into the ends of wet hair, after shampooing, then rinse away. 

My favourite product this month has to the Eyeko, Fat liquid eyeliner. You may have seen in a previous post that I'm not a massive fan of liquid eyeliner, I find it awkward to apply and never get it right, but this eyeliner has converted me. The style of the eyeliner is just like a pen which makes it so easy to apply. The black colour is so bold which makes it stand out and it creates the perfect traditional cat eye flick. This eyeliner has arrived just in time to create some amazing Halloween looks, so you can get creative! 

Which box did you choose this month and what was you favourite product inside it? 

Danielle x 


  1. Pretty nice things this month! And 2 full sized ones?! I'd say this is a pretty good deal :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I no I love getting full sized products so two is a bonus xx

  2. Nice box dear♥♥