Weekend morning routine

My weekend and weekday morning routine are very different, as in the week I do as little as possible so I can stay in bed for longer.

I love not having an alarm set, when I wake up my boyfriend usually brings me a coffee in bed (I have to hint a few times). I then sip on that while scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, usually uploading a snap or two.

When I drag myself out of bed I go for a shower, play some music and sing really loudly. I love using the Aussie shower smoothie, the sweet smell lasts all day. I then brush my teeth and wash my face using the Liz earl cleanse and polish .

As I have to walk through the kitchen to go back into the bedroom I naturally make another cup of coffee to drink while I get ready. While I wait for it cool down, I look through my hoard of clothes (usually moaning I have nothing to wear) and try many things on until I decide what to wear.

Once dressed I will spritz my hair with Aussie hair spray  and brush it through. I have naturally frizzy hair so I apply the Liz earl hair oil to tame it and brush it through again. I tie my hair up to move it out of my face and clip my fringe back to start on my face.

I prep my face with Liz earl toner applying it all over with a cotton pad, then apply  Liz earl moisturiser all over. I've been wearing my autumn make up look most days, which is a smokey eye and a purple lip, you can read what I use here.

My hair is mostly dry by now but I blow dry it to ensure its completely dry and give my fringe a curved shape. I like to wear my hair curly so I split my hair into sections and use my big barrelled hair curler to create big waves. My fringe doesn't get all its shape from blow drying it so I run the straighteners through it.

I spray deodorant, body spray and a spritz of perfume and head out for the day. (Usually going for lunch and looking in the shops).

Do you add anything extra to your weekend morning routine?

Danielle x


  1. Great morning routine for a weekend. Mine is very similar to weekdays. The only difference is that I get up around 8-9 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I love not having to get up at 6 on a weekend xx