Things that have made me smile | week 20

Arghh my head has been all over the place this weekend so I've been doing lots of lovely things to try and take my mind of things. Here's what's made me smile . . .

1) Meeting scouting for girls and listening to them live.
2) Purchasing the scouting for girls Christmas jumper.
3) Putting up my Christmas tree, it feels very festive in my house now.
4) Having lunch and doing a little shopping trip with my friend.
5) Having a bath with a Christmas lush bath bomb then watching Christmas movies with a hot chocolate.

What's made you smile this week?

Danielle x 


I have always gone for the cheaper version of uggs sold in the high street stores, there great, soft and cosy but don't last very long. The softness soon goes and the shape tends to mould to the way you walk but for the price you can't go wrong. My friend has always had real uggs and they have lasted her years, I borrowed them one day and they hugged my feet instantly. From then on I knew I wanted a pair of my own, my parents kindly bought me some for my birthday.

I only have little legs so I knew I wanted the short ones as the long ones would just make me look stumpy. I opted for the Classic mini in chestnut in size 3, this is my regular shoe size and they fit perfectly so there's no need to size up or down. Having small feet most defiantly has its benefits when it comes buying shoes, I still fit in teens! Making them cheaper! Teen girls do actually go up to a size five so have a look in that section first you just save yourself a few penny's.

I love wearing these on the cold wintery days we are staring to get and they will be a staple in my winter wardrobe, I mean who doesn't want to feel like there wearing slippers while walking the cold streets.

They will make a perfect Christmas gift, they are now doing personal monogramming in their London stores which cost £15 hitch will add the perfect personal touch. They will be doing free live monogramming in some of there stores when you purchase a classic boot. The stores and dates are

Saturday 14th 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 15th 11 – 5pm November – Piccadilly London
Saturday 21st 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 22nd  11 – 5pm   November – Leeds 
Saturday 5th 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 6th 11 – 5pm  December – Birmingham & Knightsbridge
Saturday 12th 10 – 6pm   & Sunday 13th 11 – 5pm  December – Manchester & Westfield London
Saturday 19th 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 20th 11 – 5pm  December – Liverpool & Piccadilly London
Thursday 24th December 10 – 6pm – Piccadilly London
Do you own any uggs or have a pair on your Christmas wish list?

Danielle x

MAC Odyssey

I'm a sucker for a berry lip in the autumn/winter months I love MAC's Rebel. December usually brings the classic Christmas red lip but I still love the berry shade. I couldn't go to London without a visit to a MAC store where I found the perfect In between shade, Odyssey, it's a very deep purple shade with a frost finish. The colour is quite dark on the lips but I love that stand out shade in the colder months, they brighten up the dark coloured outfits I tend to wear this time of year.

The colour stays on throughout the day, only needing to top up after eating and drinking. This colour will look gorgeous with a the perfect LBD for those Christmas parties.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas red colour, I do have my eye on MAC's Russian red. Do you have any suggestions, they don't have to be MAC.

Danielle x

Yankee candle advent calendar

The countdown to Christmas always started with a little chocolate from our calendars in my family. We would always enjoy finding the next door, eating our chocolate and getting that little bit closer to Christmas everyday. I have done this every year and becoming an 'adult' hasn't brought an end to the festive tradition it just has a little twist.

The past few years has seen the arrival of the non chocolate more luxury advent calendars. There are many Beauty ones that are a little bit pricey but are worth getting that luxury gift while counting down the days to that magical day. You can check out Zoella's best of the beauty advent calendars to see what is out there and have a peek at a few of the products you can find inside them.

Last year was my first year of having a 'grown up' calendar, (I did have a chocolate one as well, it's just not the same with out a bit of chocolate everyday) and I went for the Yankee candle advent calendar. It still had the numbers 1-24 but instead of chocolate inside it had selection of different Christmas scented tea light candles inside. I loved lighting a candle everyday and relaxing to a Christmas sent every evening.

This year Yankee candle have three advent calendars to choose from ranging from £24.99 to £31.99. They have Christmas advent calendar 2015 which is your basic shaped calendar containing 23 tea lights and one votive for £24.99. Advent house in the snow is a house shaped calendar containing a scented tea light in each door and an extra gift in door twenty four. The scents are; Bundle up, Candy cane lane, icicles, spiced orange, snowflake cookie and winter glow tea lights. The extra gift, a votive, is in the scent Christmas Eve. This calender is priced at £27.99.

The last of the three calenders is the one I purchased, Reindeer carousel advent calender. I adore the packaging I think it is so cute and festive and such an untraditional shape. You can enjoy 8 festive scents from this calendar some being tea lights and the others votives. The tea lights come in bundle up, candy cane lane, icicles, spiced orange, snowflake cookie and winter glow. The votives come in berry trifle, bundle up, cosy by the fire and winter glow. This is the most expensive calendar at £31.99 but you do get more than one votive and eight scents.

Purchasing any of these calendars is a lovely way to enjoy many Christmas scents without spending too much money as the large jars can get expensive.

You can see what count down to Christmas candles I get on my Instagram (Dotdanielle) or on my blog as I'm going to try and post a Christmassy post everyday leading to Christmas.


Have you purchased any non chocolate calenders this year? I'd love to see and hear what you get everyday.

Danielle x

Banana bread

I love my home to be filled with the sent of baking on a cold, autumn Sunday. I didn't fancy anything too sweet and I had never made banana bread before so I bought a loaf tin and gave it ago. I found the recipe on Bbc good food.

You will need | 
  • 140g butter and a little extra to line the tin
  • 140g caster sugar 
  • 2 large eggs, beaten 
  • 140g self raising flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder 
  • 2 very ripe bananas, mashed up 
  • 50g icing sugar 
  • Handful of dried banana chips to decorate your loaf 
Method | 

1) Pre heat the oven to 180c / 160c fan / gas 4. Butter the loaf tin on the Bottom and up the sides. 

2) cream the butter and caster sugar together until it becomes light and fluffy, then slowly add the eggs with a little bit of flour. Fold in the remaining flour, baking powder and bananas. 

3) Once mixed together pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Leave it to cool int the tin for 10 minutes, then remove and place on a wire rack. 

4) Mix the icing sugar with 2-3 tsp water to make a runny icing, drizzle it across the top of the loaf and decorate it with banana chips. 

I enjoyed a slice with a hot a hot cup of coffee, curled up on the sofa hiding from the cold. 

Let me know if you try this recipe. 

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 18

This week has been the beginning of me getting into the Christmas spirit, don't worry I haven't put my tree up, just yet. Here's what has put a smile on my face . . .

1) Going to Brigg garden centre, they were well and truly decked out.
2) Buying and putting on Christmas bedding, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
3) Buying the perfect Christmas coffee and hot chocolate mug.
4) Filling the room with the sent of baking on a Sunday morning by baking banana bread.
5) Trying out a delicious recipe for this weeks Sunday lunch.

What has made you smile this week?

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 19

This week has brought some wonderful news that we have been waiting for for what feels like forever, so I will start with that . . .

1) My boyfriend finally got a contract from work, which means job security and more money. I'm so proud of him it is well deserved.
2) Hiding from the wind in costa coffee sipping on caramel fudge huge chocolates.
3) Finishing uni early (I was so tired)
4) Starting my Christmas shopping
5) Purchasing a device which makes getting my pictures from my camera to my iPad a lot easier

What's out a smile on your face this week?

Danielle x 

Lush haul

I've been dying to go to the lush Oxford street store for so long, my London trip to wouldn't be complete without paying a visit. I just love that strong, sweet smell you inhale as you wonder into the store and this one was three stories! It took me a while to get around it but I managed to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts and of course some treats for myself. I mainly went for the Christmas range but there's is also a couple of others in there. I picked up the book that tells you all about the products so here's what it says about what I got. . .


FATHER CHRISTMAS | Get your Claus out 

"fill your bath with a jolly green colour and sweet, candy floss fragrance" 

GOLDEN WONDER | A wonder to behold 

"For a golden, lustre-filled bath with refreshing line oil and the uplifting scent of a sparkle cocktail" 

YOG NOG | Sugar-coat your skin 

"Release a toast to cinder toffee soaks with spicy clove and yiang yiang" 

FROZEN | Let it go 

"This magical blend of uplifting grapefruit and Tunisian neroli will thaw the frostiest of hearts." 


(How to use | swish, crumble or hold under running water and watch the bubbles pile up.) 

PEEPING SANTA | look lively! 

"Put the 'ho ho ho' into your ho-lidays with this cheeky, Shea butter and strawberry Santa." 

CANDY MOUNTAIN | Sugar sweet summits 

"Candy cairns mark mountains of sparkling, sweet bubbles and fair trade vanilla." 

SPARKLY PUMPKIN | Transform bath time into a ball 

"Carve out a wonderfully spicy bubble bath for yourself, filled with juniperberry and lime" 


THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS | Keep the magic alive! 

"Foam alone? Stir up toasty clove and almond Christmas magic with this spicy magic wand." 

I have used the sparkly pumpkin, it smelt amazing and was so soft and nourishing on my skin. It did leave a lot of glitter behind afterwards but it was worth the cleaning afterwards. I can't wait to use my Christmas treats and I most excited to try ' The magic of Christmas '. 

What's your favourite Lush product? Do you have anything for, the Christmas range? 

Danielle x 

Birch box | November

This month Birch box teamed up with skinny dip, there are two different coloured box's one light blue and one dark purple, each covered with beautiful pastel coloured shells. It contains six beauty products and a £10 voucher for skinny dip! I received the light blue box, here's what's inside. . .

LORD AND BERRY | Silhouette Neutral lip liner | £9 
WHAT | Smudged lippie and wobbly lines will be a thing of the past with this neutral liner! Apply it before sweeping on your favourite shade for a super precise lip with no unsightly bleeding. The best part? It's translucency means that you can use it with any and every shade of lipstick! Mwah!
HOW | Line around the edges of your lips then fill in with the lipstick of your choice.

REN | awake wonderful night-time facial | £32 
WHAT | This wonder formula is beauty sleep in action! A blend of glycolic and lactic acids trigger cell renewal while while you catch some z's, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant upon waking.
HOW | Once or twice a week, applying 2-3 pumps onto clean skin before hitting the sack. It might tingle a bit on application, but this is normal.

BEAUTY PROTECTOR | Beauty cream body lotion | £8 
WHAT | We already know and love this brand for its ability to soften our hair, and now it's nourishing our skin too! This rich cream hydrates while leaving behind that sweet, signature scent.
HOW | Massage daily onto clean hands and body for beautifully moisturised skin.

NUMBER 4 | Lumiere d'hiver super comb prep and protect | £20 
WHAT | Treat your hair to a little TLC with this does-it-all wonder product. Not only does it strengthen and repair tired strands big it de-tangles and games flyways, too!
HOW | Spray evenly through towel-dried hair, comb through, and style as normal.

DELAROM | Creme acquaconfort | £34
WHAT | When your complexion feels a little sorry for itself, this rejuvenating cream uses almond, apricot oils and vitamin E to nourish and soothe dehydrated skin from first use.
HOW | After cleansing, massage a small amount into your face and neck and let it sink in and do its work.

THUMBS UP | Rosa nail wraps | £6.99 
WHAT | Up and your mani game in a flash with these perfectly pretty nail wraps. Thanks to their transparent base and floral print, they can be layered over bare nails or your fave polish for instant impact.
HOW | Select the wrap hat best fits your cuticle size, smooth it onto your nail, then file of the excess. For long lasting results, seal with your favourite topcoat.


My favourite this month has to be the Lord and berry, silhouette neutral lip liner, I hate lipstick smudging all over my face so this is going to be a saviour.

What did you get this month? Have you ever bought any skinny dip products?

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 17

I have loved been able to spend some time in my new home this week, the past couple of weeks have been so busy I've only just been able to chill out and have a cup of coffee sat on the sofa. Here's what else has made me smile this week. . .

1) Going to a fireworks display, eating burgers (expensive ones I must say) and watching the fireworks light up the sky.
2) Going to a my partners family firework display, seeing friends and family and enjoying good food and drinks.
3) Managing to survive the dreaded ofsted visit, we did well and are happy with our outcome.
4) Getting a new cage for my little munch so she has a lot more room.
5) Having a nice relaxing, not bath with a lush bath bomb to relax after a tiring week.

What has made you smile this week?

Danielle x

Elf the musical

I For my 21st birthday last weekend my boyfriend treated me to a weekend in London for lovely food, lots of shopping and to see a musical show. As soon as I walked in to book the show and saw elf was on, I knew I had to see that one! I love Christmas time and I know it was only October but there's nothing better than a singing elf to get you in the Christmas spirit. 


The Dominion theatre was all festively decked out with a Christmas tree and twinkling lights. It was so magical and Christmassy I can imagine as a child it would feel like a dream. We bought a programme, drinks and popcorn and took our seats. 

The show was amazing, the actors and actresses were so entertaining and really got you singing along. For any girls allowed fans out there Kimberly Walsh stared Jovie, and what a wonderful job she did. Ben Foster played buddy the elf, he's cheeky ways and wonderful voice made the show so why not 'discover your inner elf'. 


The ending has to be the best part, Santa's sleigh flys and they make it snow in the theatre. It brought me back to my childhood and it was amazing to see a favourite Christmas film as a musical. If you are lucky enough to go to London in the lead up to Christmas and are looking to see a show I would most defiantly recommend this one. I was constantly singing 'I'm in a store and I'm singing' for days afterwards. I can only imagine it would be even better nearer Christmas time when everyone is in the Christmas spirit. Don't forget to book your tickets as it is only on for 10 weeks so the shows will fill up fast. 

'Think of all the joy you'll bring if you just close your eyes and sing!' 

Have you seen any shows? Are you going to see elf this Christmas? 

I hope this post sparked some Christmas spirit even if it is s little early 🎄

Danielle x

October favourites

October has probably been one of my busiest but my favourite month so far. I've had so much going on but I have enjoyed so many things in the month, not just products, I thought it would be a nice changed to add a few other things in there too.


1) Starting university 
2) Cosy, fluffy blankets 
3) Moving into my lovely new home
4) Lighting my Halloween scented candle everyday
5) Celebrating my 21st birthday in London 
6) Pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon hot chocolates 
7) The X factor 
9) Having my sofa as it should be, a corner one, I love to bury myself in the corner wrapped in fluffy blankets 
10) Seeing my first musical 
11) Salted popcorn 
12) Crunching Autumn leaves with every step 
13) My tartan red scarf
14) Cosy nights in eating junk food
15) Treating myself to a new winter wardrobe
16) Hot baths after coming in from the cold
17) My fluffy boot slippers, got to keep those toes toastie
18) Warm buttery toast for breakfast, while sipping on a hot coffee. The first sip is always the best
19) Going to the fair
20) Spending lots of time with my friends and family

What have been your favourites, any products, candles, scents or maybe just something that has put a smile on your face?

I'm looking forward to the fireworks displays and Christmas songs starting to be played on the radio in November.

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 16

I've had such a busy week this week, moving house, preparing for ofsted and going away for the weekend, but there are many things that have made me smile.

1) Moving into a lovely new place.
2) Going away to London to celebrate my 21st birthday.
3) Watching elf the musical (I can't wait for Christmas)
4) Buying loads of new cloths for my winter wardrobe.
5) sitting here having a takeaway after working all day.

What has made you smile this week?

Danielle x