Things that have made me smile | week 19

This week has brought some wonderful news that we have been waiting for for what feels like forever, so I will start with that . . .

1) My boyfriend finally got a contract from work, which means job security and more money. I'm so proud of him it is well deserved.
2) Hiding from the wind in costa coffee sipping on caramel fudge huge chocolates.
3) Finishing uni early (I was so tired)
4) Starting my Christmas shopping
5) Purchasing a device which makes getting my pictures from my camera to my iPad a lot easier

What's out a smile on your face this week?

Danielle x 


  1. congrat on your boy friend job! I am looking for a job at the minute hopefully I'll secure one soon.

    What make me happy lately ? bf and I found a new nickname for my cat to use only this festive season and its Pudding haha!
    Meeting Lily Pebbles and Anna from Viviana Does Make Up yesterday at the Taste of London ! They were together with their boyfriends ! that was awesome but I must have look like an idiot and I forgot to ask them for a picture which now I am so regretting it !!! Damn it !
    And spending time with my bf this weekend, even so we live together he work a lot during week days.

    1. Hopefully you will find one soon. Pudding is such a cute name, meeting them must Haveing been amazing, so jealous, I can't believe you forgot to get a picture tho! Sounds like you had a lovely week plenty to smile about. I hope this week is just as happy xx

  2. Congratulations for your boyfriend! It's always a nice feeling to feel stable :) First snow was the biggest factor that made me smile this week :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thank you, omg you had snow, I really want snow! Xx

  3. Love this, its nice to appreciate the little things in life. Christmas shopping is always a uplifting task :D

    Aliya x | |