I have always gone for the cheaper version of uggs sold in the high street stores, there great, soft and cosy but don't last very long. The softness soon goes and the shape tends to mould to the way you walk but for the price you can't go wrong. My friend has always had real uggs and they have lasted her years, I borrowed them one day and they hugged my feet instantly. From then on I knew I wanted a pair of my own, my parents kindly bought me some for my birthday.

I only have little legs so I knew I wanted the short ones as the long ones would just make me look stumpy. I opted for the Classic mini in chestnut in size 3, this is my regular shoe size and they fit perfectly so there's no need to size up or down. Having small feet most defiantly has its benefits when it comes buying shoes, I still fit in teens! Making them cheaper! Teen girls do actually go up to a size five so have a look in that section first you just save yourself a few penny's.

I love wearing these on the cold wintery days we are staring to get and they will be a staple in my winter wardrobe, I mean who doesn't want to feel like there wearing slippers while walking the cold streets.

They will make a perfect Christmas gift, they are now doing personal monogramming in their London stores which cost £15 hitch will add the perfect personal touch. They will be doing free live monogramming in some of there stores when you purchase a classic boot. The stores and dates are

Saturday 14th 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 15th 11 – 5pm November – Piccadilly London
Saturday 21st 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 22nd  11 – 5pm   November – Leeds 
Saturday 5th 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 6th 11 – 5pm  December – Birmingham & Knightsbridge
Saturday 12th 10 – 6pm   & Sunday 13th 11 – 5pm  December – Manchester & Westfield London
Saturday 19th 10 – 6pm  & Sunday 20th 11 – 5pm  December – Liverpool & Piccadilly London
Thursday 24th December 10 – 6pm – Piccadilly London
Do you own any uggs or have a pair on your Christmas wish list?

Danielle x


  1. I LOVE ugg boots! They are the cosiest thing ever, I always feel so snuggly and warm when I wear them :) I've got about 5 pairs in different colours and styles! x

    Georgina x

    1. Wow that's a lot of it boots haha, I'm starting to see why you would have that many tho xx