Yankee candle advent calendar

The countdown to Christmas always started with a little chocolate from our calendars in my family. We would always enjoy finding the next door, eating our chocolate and getting that little bit closer to Christmas everyday. I have done this every year and becoming an 'adult' hasn't brought an end to the festive tradition it just has a little twist.

The past few years has seen the arrival of the non chocolate more luxury advent calendars. There are many Beauty ones that are a little bit pricey but are worth getting that luxury gift while counting down the days to that magical day. You can check out Zoella's best of the beauty advent calendars to see what is out there and have a peek at a few of the products you can find inside them.

Last year was my first year of having a 'grown up' calendar, (I did have a chocolate one as well, it's just not the same with out a bit of chocolate everyday) and I went for the Yankee candle advent calendar. It still had the numbers 1-24 but instead of chocolate inside it had selection of different Christmas scented tea light candles inside. I loved lighting a candle everyday and relaxing to a Christmas sent every evening.

This year Yankee candle have three advent calendars to choose from ranging from £24.99 to £31.99. They have Christmas advent calendar 2015 which is your basic shaped calendar containing 23 tea lights and one votive for £24.99. Advent house in the snow is a house shaped calendar containing a scented tea light in each door and an extra gift in door twenty four. The scents are; Bundle up, Candy cane lane, icicles, spiced orange, snowflake cookie and winter glow tea lights. The extra gift, a votive, is in the scent Christmas Eve. This calender is priced at £27.99.

The last of the three calenders is the one I purchased, Reindeer carousel advent calender. I adore the packaging I think it is so cute and festive and such an untraditional shape. You can enjoy 8 festive scents from this calendar some being tea lights and the others votives. The tea lights come in bundle up, candy cane lane, icicles, spiced orange, snowflake cookie and winter glow. The votives come in berry trifle, bundle up, cosy by the fire and winter glow. This is the most expensive calendar at £31.99 but you do get more than one votive and eight scents.

Purchasing any of these calendars is a lovely way to enjoy many Christmas scents without spending too much money as the large jars can get expensive.

You can see what count down to Christmas candles I get on my Instagram (Dotdanielle) or on my blog as I'm going to try and post a Christmassy post everyday leading to Christmas.


Have you purchased any non chocolate calenders this year? I'd love to see and hear what you get everyday.

Danielle x


  1. I love advent calenders! I am searching for non chocolate one but here in my country they aren't common, so I am quite on a hunt right now. But of course chocolate one will be purchased as well :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. We have loads I think they are more popular than the chocolate ones xx

  2. I've got this one and The Bodyshop one and I've caved and opened them both already! :| I loved the smell of yesterday's tea light...I think it was candy cane?
    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss*