Blogmas day 12 | Christmas Day outfit

If I'm not wearing a Christmas jumper on Christmas Day then I will be wearing red, I love getting ready on Christmas Day to spend time with my family. I am one that likes to dress nice and fully do my hair and makeup for Christmas Day. I have been absolutely loving New look this season and have been wearing there clothing non stop, Christmas Day will be no different.

I think this Burgundy cord pinafore dress is so cute and the colour is so festive, I'm going to wear it with a Black ribbed turtle neck long sleeved top, black tights and some black knee high boots.

Burgundy cord pinafore dress | new look | £19.99
Black ribbed turtle neck long sleeved top | new look | £8.99

Do you get dressed up for Christmas Day? Do you wear a Christmas jumper?



  1. This is such a lovely pinafore dress! I picked up a similar one earlier in the year, but I love the wide shoulders on this one! x

    Martha Jane |

    1. It is so comfortable and easy to wear xx

  2. I love these outfits!