Blogmas day 14 | winter wonderland

I went to London's winter wonderland a few years back, it was so Christmassy and festive I couldn't wait to go back. I took a one night trip with my family and socked up all the Christmas festivities. There were beautiful stalls sparkling in lights, Christmas treats and drinks, outdoor ice skating, Christmas songs and so much Christmas cheer. All the lights were beautiful, walking in the winter breeze down the London streets, covered in twinkling lights just felt so magical. It was so pretty I wish my street looked like that every time I step out the door.

I ate more food than my stomach could handle, tried mulled wine, saw so many Santa's roller skating in the street, looked at more twinkling lights than I could ever count but most importantly I spend a lovely weekend with my family.

What did you get up to at the weekend. Have you been to winter wonderland or any where Christmassy?



  1. How beautiful! I wish I could go there.

    1. It was so much fun and so Christmassy xx