Blogmas day 20 | Christmas bath

This week has been a lovely week there we so many things that have made me smile. I used two products in my relaxing bath this month a bubble bar and a bath bomb.



Things that have made me smile | week 23 

  1. Recieveing some lovely presents from some of the parents at work.
  2. Exchanging gifts with my work to friends 
  3. Confronting my fears and doing an assessed presentation at uni in which I got a merit 
  4. Going out for a few drinks to celebrating completing my first term at uni 
  5. Finishing work and uni for Christmas, I'm looking forward to two weeks of
  6. Having tea and a movie night with my sisters, even though I had a little nap
  7. Going to Leeds for some lunch, shopping and a look round the Christmas market 
  8. Having a little Christmas party at work 
  9. Getting my nails done 
  10. Dying my hair 
I hope you've had a lovely week and all ready for Christmas! 


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