Blogmas day 21 | work Christmas day out

Since I only work with two other people it is difficult for us to have a work night out so instead we had a festive day out. We headed to Leeds, had a wonder around the Christmas market, did a little bit of shopping (treats for ourselves) and had some lovely food. I had a lovely festive day out and it was so nice to be able to see each other outside of work. We are all now enjoying our well deserved two weeks of.

Did you do any thing with your work friends this Christmas?



  1. That's a really nice idea for a smaller staff! It sounds like it was a fantastic day out, too :) The girls I work with went to our manager's home last weekend for our Christmas party. We each brought a dish and a secret Santa gift. It was a lovely time! It's so nice to spend time with colleagues outside of work!


    1. That sounds lovely too. Yes it most deffinatly Is xx

  2. These look yummy!! I want them all haha!! Lovely pictures!

    Shannon Sage