Blogmas day 23 | Terry's chocolate orange hot chocolate

I love Terry's chocolate oranges, especially the centre, what better way to enjoy even more of it than in a hot chocolate!

You will need |

Large oranges
Terry's chocolate orange

Method | 

1) The large oranges are going to act as our mugs for our drinks. Slice the top of the orange of and put to one side. Scoop out the inside of the orange and put to one side.
2) For the hot chocolate, measure out the amount of milk you need using your cup. E.g. If you only wont to make one cup of hot chocolate, fill your cup up with milk and pour it in, if you want two cups fill you cup up twice.
3) Heat up the milk on a medium heat, stirring continually, don't let the milk boil as this will burn it.
4) Add in your chocolate, add the amount you would like, do some taste tests to see if you would like to add more.
5) keep stirring until the chocolate has melted.
6) Pour it into your orange.
7) Cut a hole at the top of your lid to fit your straw in and place on top of your orange.




  1. That sounds so good! And really creative - did you think of this? Or did you see it online or something? I would never have thought of it.