Blogmas day 3 | hot chocolate

This time of year brings the festive hot drinks with all the flavours. Starbucks always do my festive favourite gingerbread latte but I can't get that creative when I am at home. I can however add a delicious dash of cinnamon to a milky hot chocolate. I love a cinnamon hot chocolate, topped with lots of mini marshmallows and some mint chocolate sticks to sip on whilst watching a Christmas movie. Could you think of a more perfect night in?

What's your favourite festive drink? Do you get creative with any home made hot drinks?



  1. Aw, you've described such a cute night in! I love those cozy times :)

    I definitely do not get creative with my hot drinks. Or, even all that fancy. I'm usually pretty content with a regular hot chocolate, if there are marshmallows or whipped cream then that's a bonus. Although I did have a hot chocolate with a peppermint type shot from Starbucks once which was quite nice! I wouldn't have gotten it myself, but as it was given to me it was a pretty pleasant surprise!


    1. There's nothing wrong with just a regular hot chocolate, have you tried any of the different types like caburys fudge that's one of my favourites xx