Blogmas day 4 | Christmas nails

Everything has to be festive at Christmas including my nails. There are some amazing ones out there but most are pretty impossible with out a professionals touch. I found this adorable reindeer/Rudolph design on Pinterest, it so simple even I could do it.

You will need:

  • Brown/golden shade for the base 
  • Lighter brown/gold for the antlers 
  • White and black for the eyes
  • Red for the nose 
  • Glitter to add a little sparkle 
  • Top coat 
  • Thin nail brush 
  1. Paint all your nails with your brown/golden base colour and leave to fully dry.
  2. Facing the top of the nail towards you, paint the antlers at the top using a nail brush. 
  3. Paint two circles under the antlers in white to represent the eyes.
  4. At the end of the nail paint a big red circle for Rudolph's nose. 
  5. Once it is all dry add two black dots in the centre of the white circles and add glitter to the red nose. 
  6. When fully dry apply the top coat to seal it all in place. 
You could do this on all your nails but I'm to impatient, instead I added a red tip with a little bit of glitter to each nail. I think this is such a cute easy festive touch to your nails. Will you be doing your nails this festive season or maybe getting them done by someone else? 



  1. So cute! I'm always amazed at the creativity some people have when it comes to nails.

    I probably won't be painting mine for the holiday. I just don't have a lot of patience for it, either waiting for it to dry or dealing with light chipping. Just not worth it for me, haha! I just over the talent of others, such as yourself :)


    1. Thankyou doing my nails is one of only a few things I do have patients for, I agree tho the chipping is very heart breaking xx