Blogmas day 5 | what I love about Christmas

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, I get so giddy and excited. Everyone just seems so much happier this time of year. There are soo many great things about Christmas that I love, I thought I would share are few . . .

1) Christmas lights, I have them in every room there so cosy and pretty. I love driving through villages and seeing lights in all the windows.
2) Festive clothing, from jumpers to socks I love all the Christmas wear. 
3) Flavoured drinks, gingerbread lattes and cinnamon hot chocolates are my favourite. 
4) Family time, I love how much family and friends we get to see and how much time we spend together. I can't wait to have a weekend in London with my family.
5) Food, I love Christmas dinner and all the chocolates we get to indulge in. 
6) Christmas songs, these nothing more cheerful then a classic Christmas song. 
7) Christmas shopping, it busy but so satisfying when you get everything of your list.
8) Time of, working with children means two weeks of at Christmas! 
9) Candles, they bring out the best scented candles at Christmas. 
10) Christmas movies, cosy nights in with a festive drink and a classic Christmas movie are the best nights in. 

What do you love about Christmas?

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