Blogmas day 16 | Christmas accessories

I love Christmas so much I had to get everything Christmassy a saw, I mean why wouldn't you want to wear a light up Christmas pudding hat?

Here's what I've added to my Christmas stash this year . . .
  • Two Christmas jumpers 
  • Christmas pj's 
  • Light up Christmas pudding hat 
  • Elf hat headband 
  • Reindeer antlers headband 
  • Christmas socks 
  • Christmas naughty and nice bedding 
  • Christmas table cloth
  • Festive food trays 
  • Christmas tea towels 
  • Christmas oven gloves 
  • Christmas mug
  • Christmas napkins 
Too much? Maybe but I love being festive.

Have you bought anything festive this year? 


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