Things that have made me smile | week 29

Bath bomb | Ne worry pass 

Things that have made me smile |

  1. Handing in my final assignment for uni early! 
  2. Going bowling, even though I'm rubbish and lost 
  3. Going out for dinner with my dad and sister 
  4. Having a cheeky takeaway on Friday night
  5. Just having a relaxing chilled out weekend. 
What's put a smile on your face this week? 

Danielle x 

Everyday eye products

I have been loving creating different eye shadow looks this month. I received the Revolution 144 eyeshadow palette 2016 collection for Christmas and I've been experimenting with different colours on my eyes. I love this palette it has enough colours to create so many looks and has a range of Matt and shimmer shades.

To create my eye looks I start with the Rimmel exaggerate undercover shadow primer. I've never used an eyeshadow primer before but I couldn't do my eyes without it now. It's like a lip gloss really, you just spread the the product all of the eyelid using the smooth applicator then leave it to dry for a few seconds. 

Next is the eyeshadow, I have been obsessed with the pink shimmery shades in this apply the eye shadow I use the Lottie London All eyes on you eye shadow brush and the Lottie London Blending brush

Now for another primer, it seems there is a primer for everything now not just your skin. I have been trying out the They're real tinted primer. I out a light coat on my top and lower lashes to give them some length before going in with the mascara. 

Now for mascara, now I have tried the there real mascara to go with the primer but I do prefer the Maybelline lash sensational mascara. It adds so much volume and really separates the lashes, if you already love it try it with they Benefit they're real primer and you will love it even more. 

Finally I have been adding a little bit of highlight to my waterline using Jelly pong pong lighten up. It instantly brightens up my eyes making them look bigger, brighter and more awake. Perfect if you haven't had enough sleep, I rarely do. 

And I'm done. Do you use any of these products on your eyes? Do you have have any must have eye products? 

Danielle x

Getting over the January blues

Still feeling those January blues? Pamper nights and comfort food are the only ways to get through them.

What better way to defrost your toes after that long cold day then running a hot bubble bath and adding your favourite lush bath bomb. 

Removing all that makeup, having a fresh face and being able to rub my eyes when I'm tired without smudging my mascara is the best feeling. 

Put on a face mask and have a little sing song whilst waiting for it to do its magic.

Slip into something comfy, jogging bottoms and pj's have become my January uniform. I can worry about that extra Christmas weight in February.

Make my favourite drink (usually a coffee) and a comforting snack, we're not counting the calories so who cares if it's a whole bar of dairy milk chocolate. 

Fill up my hot water bottle, grab the cosiest blanket and get comfy on the sofa with chosen snack and drink. 

Put on a cheesy chick flick or a series i can spend the whole of January watching, and just relax. Maybe even have a little nap. 

Whatever you need to do to get through January do it in comfort. 

Do you have any tips to get through the January blues? 

Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 28

This weeks bath bomb is Twilight, a gorgeous mix of light Pastle blue and pink colours. 

Things that have made me smile. . . 

  1. Escaping the cold and including in a costa hot chocolate and cake. 
  2. Taking the plunge and dyeing my hair red, I'm kind of loving it. 
  3. Having a delicious takeaway with my mum for her birthday. 
  4. Receiving my rather large lush order. 
  5. Purchasing so,r new underwear, pj's and makeup bits. 
What has put a smile on your face this week? 

Danielle x 

Lush haul

If you read my weekly Sunday posts or have a peek at my Instagram you will know I have been loving Lush cosmetics bath bombs and bubble bars. I treated my friend to a few products for her birthday, and I just couldn't resist treating myself. I picked up 8 products, 6 bath bombs and 2 bubble bars including a some from the valentines range.

Bath bombs

Dragons egg | This is a white ball with hints of colour, it has a fresh citrus smell perfect for when you want that fresh feeling.
Lush says | 
Dragon’s Egg makes bathtime exciting as it fizzes and crackles and changes the colour of your water to a gorgeous citrusy gold. Its scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbet, with a hint of jasmine, leaving you feeling great and ready for a good day. Its citrus scents leave you feeling transformed and invigorated.

Guardian of the forest | I had to get this one it just looks amazing, it has a forest pine smell and is two shades of green with a hint of glitter.

Lush says | 
See with eyes uncovered as you find the spirit of the forest, dappled with mossy greens and soft with the shimmer of lustre. Prickly on the senses at first, the calming cypress and mystical oakmoss absolute will embrace you, drawing you into the bright, sunlit heart of this woodland bomb, packed full of fragrant rosewood oil. One to faun over.

Lover lamp  | You may be able to tell by the name that this is from the valentines range, but you don't need a valentine to enjoy this sweet smelling bath bomb. It has hearts inside that melt onto the skin, that's enough love for me! 

Lush says | 
Look, this might be coming on too strong, but it seems like you should get the hots for Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. Melting into an amorous embrace of softening water, butter hearts coat skin in heavenly moisture. In a whirl of chocolate orange notes, Fair Trade vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil whisper sweet nothings that lift your mood. Their scent lingers in your mind and on your skin all day long.

The experimenter | The amazing mix of bright bold colours drew me to this one, it doesn't have the best smell but it does have pooping candy so how could you not give it ago? 

Lush says | 
If you're looking for an adventure you'll find it in the experimenter, starring vibrant colour, pooping candy and fair trade vanilla absolute from near the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda. An enigmatic and comforting romance of deep, complex vetivert notes that enthrall your senses before creamy vanilla and tonka provide a sweet antidote. It's everything you've always wanted to do and with a plethora of five bright colours, it's the only one you'll ever want to do it again. 

Twilight | This has a sweet smell and is the perfect sleep companion. I can't wait to use this one when I have a lot on my mind and I just need to relax and helped into a lovely nights sleep. It even changes colour! 
Lush says | 
If sleep is evading you, this combination of essential oils will help get you ready for a good night's rest. As Twilight dissolves, it turns from the colour of the setting sun and gets darker, turning your water a shimmering deep purple. The fragrance has been designed to help you sleep: lavender is a soothing, mind-clearing and calming fragrance, used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia and aid restful sleep, while benzoin and tonka call to mind a milky caramel malt drink.

Ne worry pass | I thought this would be the perfect one to let all those worries slip away. 

Lush says | 
Effervescent bergamot and cedarwood oils mingle harmoniously with deep and aromatic jasmine absolute. Soothing soya milk leaves a creamy foam atop newly violet waters; perfect for smoothing onto skin for a velvety skin-finish. Whisper your worries into the violet keyhole and let them dissolve in the ivory water as you soak in blissful peace and quiet.  

Bubble bars 

Unicorn horn | Another valentines special. It's a frikin unicorn horn! I think that says enough but it's beautiful fresh smell and pretty colours are an absolute bonus. 

Lush says | 
Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they're not (don't worry they definitely are) you won't mind! Relaxing lavender oil meets mood-brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.

Karma | This pyramid shaped bubble bar is a deep blue glittery colour with a gold glittery point. 

Lush says | 
Get an instant lift with this bubble bar with our signature exotic orange and patchouli fragrance. Sweet orange oil is refreshing, tangy and uplifting, as is lemongrass oil. Lavandin is a close relative of lavender and has similarly relaxing properties. Pine oil adds a fresh, green note to the perfume and elemi oil, which is traditionally used in incense recipes, adds complexity and freshness.

And that's everything I got, you can see pictures of the products when I use them on here or on my Instagram @Dotdanielle I'll be sure to check out your instgrams and follow back.
Do you have any favourite lush products?
Danielle x 

Winter skin care routine

The cold weather outside calls for one thing, comfort food! Chocolates, takeaways and all the sweet treats I can get my hands on. Although they taste good they do nothing for my skin. Mixed with the cold air it doesn't leave my skin feeling great. I love the Liz earl products and I have found the perfect products for my winter skin routine.

I start of with the Cleanse and polish, it is perfect for removing all makeup, dirt and grime from the day. I squirt a couple of pumps into my hand and rub it in to my skin, being gentle around the eyes to remove mascara and eyeliner. Once I've massaged it into my skin I soak my cleansing cloth in warm water, wring it out and gently remove the cleanser from my face using the cloth. To keep my skin fresh I give it a quick splash with cold water, this is also the perfect way to wake you up in a morning. 

To give my skin that extra boost I like to use the Intensive nourishing mask once or twice a week. It keeps my skin clear and soft.  I apply a generous amount all over my skin or just my problem areas, and leave it for 10-15 minutes. I like to use the Deep cleansing mask sponges to remove the mask by soaking them in warm water and smoothing them along my skin, one in each hand. 

Toning my skin is the next step, I take a cotton pad and soak it with Instant boost skin tonic and sweep it all over my face.

After leaving my skin to dry from the toner I take a generous amount of Skin repair moisturiser and massage it into my face a neck. You can purchase the moisturiser for different skin types, I am currently using the normal/combination one but I have also purchased the one for oily skin. 

And that is my winter skin routine, I use the cleanser, toner and moisturiser every morning and night and my skin is clear, soft and nourished. Liz earl currently have an offer on where you can purchase the Cleanse and polish, instant boost tonic and moisturiser for £45 and receive a free super sized bottle of body wash. You can choose between, energising body wash and orange flower body wash. I chose the orange flower body wash and it smells amazing. If that wasn't enough they also have free delivery when you spend £20 or more, a free sample size product when you spend over £20 or 3 free sample products when you spend over £50! 

Have you used any of the Liz earl skin products? What is you winter skin care saviour? 
Danielle x 

Things that have made me smile | week 27

This weeks bath bomb was one of my favourites, Intergalactic has the most amazing colours. Once you've have swirled in the colours you left with a deep glittery blue feeling like your in space.

Things that have made me smile . . . 

  1. Going bowling a for drinks for my friends birthday.
  2. Handing in my final physiology work (thank goodness I never have to do that again) 
  3. Treating my self to a new dress and boots.
  4. Going out for drinks and listening to some live music.
  5. Going it for lunch with my boyfriend.
What has made you smile this week? 
Danielle x 

Birch box | January

To kick start the new year Birch box teamed up with Pinterest to created the perfect decorated box, one for keeping, filled with six great products.

As a little extra they have included five Pinterest inspired postcards with some inspirational quotes to  give us some motivation throughout 2016. They will look lovely framed on your desk or dressing table, I'm going to add mine to my cork board.


This months products . . .

Benifit, they're real tinted primer | £18.50
WHAT | For super charged lashes, one coat of this game-changing product will make all the difference! The mink-coloured formula separates, lengthens, and boosts each individual lash to prepare it for your mascara.
HOW | Apply on coat, from root to tip, before applying your mascara for some serious volume. Or rock it alone for a natural look!

It seems like there is a primer for everything now, but if it's going to keep my makeup on for longer I'll give it a try. Let's face it no one won't to carry loads of makeup around all day for that mid day top up.

Jelly pong pong, lighten up brightener and waterliner | £14.95
WHAT | If, like us, you love your makeup to be multi-tasking then you'll heart this brightening pencil! Use it along your waterline for wide-awake eyes or blend it beneath brows to awaken your complexion, without any shimmer!
HOW | Glide along the inner rim and corner of your eyes, or blend onto check and brow bones.

I love a makeup piece that is multi tasking and this sounds great, I love highlighting my brow bones and cheeks. This will be perfect when I've had a late night and I need to brighten up my eyes. 

Whish, three whishes almond body butter | £14.50 
WHAT | Organic aloe, shea, and raspberry butter create a decadent formula (with no greasy residue) to conquer dryness and leave your skin feeling silky-smooth. Plus, organic seaweed extract works to firm the skin surface.
HOW | Smooth onto arms, legs, and anywhere that needs a little hydration.

I've been obsessed with hydrating my hands at the moment so I think this will be a handbag essential for me. Plus it smells amazing! 

Beauty protector, protect and detangle | £14 
WHAT | Birchbox Bestseller, and for good reason, this miracle-worker conditions, detangles, and minimises frizz - all whilst protecting against UV rays, and heat styling (phew!). Bonus it smells incredible!
HOW | After shampooing and conditioning, spritz onto damp hair from 4-6 inches away and comb through.

I've had this product before but I was more than happy to receive it again, I was actually about to purchase the full size, and I still will. It makes hair brushing so easy and it really does smell incredible, I always get compliments of how my hair smells when I use this. 

Absolution, L'Eau soir et Martin | £27 
WHAT | Make light work of removing your makeup with the purifying cleansing water. Packed with kind to skin ingredients like hazelnuts oil and aloe Vera, it removes all traces of the day to leave your complexion feeling soft and refreshed.
HOW | Apply a small amount of product onto a cotton pad and sweep over your face - no rinsing required.

I've scrapped the makeup wipes for a will now and used makeup removers, and my skin has been so much better since, I'm looking forward to giving this one a try. 

Birch box, compact mirror | £4 
WHAT | Thanks to this handy compact mirror you'll be able to take care of beauty touch-ups and unruly locks on the go - so you're always selfie ready!
HOW | With its slim silhouette, this is the perfect size to pop in your handbag or makeup bag for quick fixes.


I'm always having to swap my compact mirror from bag to bag, now I don have to, I can keep this in one of my bags ready to top up my lippy. 

Maybe your New Years resolution was to try more products? Or maybe you just like trying out lots of different products, I no I do. You can purchase a Birch box for £13 a month which you can cancel at anytime. So why not give it a try? Let me know if you do and what you think. 
Danielle x

ootd | boho patterned dress

With its long sleeves, teamed with tights and knee high boots, this dress is perfect for the colder months. It has a high neck and a gorgeous white boho pattern across the chest and the top of the arms. This is a dress you can carry through the seasons, wearing with bare legs and some ankle boots, it would be perfect for festivals.  

Top shops description 'Make a classic monochrome palette work for now with bohemian inspired details. This easy-to-wear smock dress features beautiful embroidered details for a total boho look, complete with a high neck and keyhole button back fastening. Brave it with bare legs and ankle boots, adding layers or tights when temperatures are cooler. 100% Cotton. Machine wash'

I struggle with getting clothing in the right length as I only have little legs, but the petite section in topshop is perfect for me. The dress flows down to above the knee, leaving the right size gap to wear it with knee high boots. If your short like me I would suggest having a look in the petite section, I was shocked about how many items they had in there. I bought it in Black but you can also get it in Khaki (green)

Embroidered smock dress | topshop £36.00 
Knee high boots | primark £20.00
Bag | primark £8.00
Watch | Daniel Wellington £159

Knee high boots | new look £32.00
Bag | topshop £30.00 

Things that have made me smile | week 26

Like usual I ended a lovely week with a lush bath, this week I used cinders. Although it didn't turn my bath a very appealing colour it still smelt amazing and created a lovely relaxing bath. 

Things that have made me smile | 
  1. Having an extra week of uni, resulting in an extra long weekend. 
  2. Treating my self to a couple of items from topshop.
  3. Handing in my first lot of final piece work at university.
  4. Going for a muddy but nice winter walk. 
  5. Having a nice Saturday morning lie in. 
I hope you've had a good week, what has made you smile? 
Danielle x

Hair do's and hair don'ts

I don't know about you but my hair is a big part of my life, I'm forever colouring it, cutting it, styling it doing whatever ever I can to change it. But how much damage is this causing my hair and what should we do and not do to protect our hair and keep it healthy? Is everything we hear true? Madison Reed came up with their own hair do and hair don'ts that I think will help a lot of us! 

Im a sucker for washing my hair so much, when I don't wash it it goes very frizzy and dry then quickly turns greasy. Now I know why, I'm washing it too much! I'm going to try and and only wash it every 3-4 days to get it in better condition. I've always had hair envy of those that can get away with only washing their hair once a week!

I always thought Having a last rinse in cold water would give my hair a lovely shine, but it doesn't! No more freezing cold shower blasts for me.

I love these little tips and will always be referring back to them when it comes to protecting my hair. I always want to change my colour, I'm actually tempted to go red next, I love Wonderful you's gorgeous locks. If your thinking about changing your hair colour you can take Madison reeds quick, fun Quiz to find out the perfect hair colour for you and your skin tone. They have some lovely coloured hair colours and root touch ups on their Site.

What would be your dream hair colour? Do you do any of the hair do or hair don'ts?
Danielle x 

MAC Lipstick collection

It was a while ago now that I took my first step into the MAC counter in debanhams to purchase my first lipstick. It was a little overwhelming as I didn't know what to expect. It was so busy I didn't really know what I was doing but I did know what lipstick I wanted. Velvet teddy is what made me hear of MAC lipsticks and I'm sure we all know the person behind that. When I gave up searching I just asked if they had velvet teddy but it was so popular then they didn't have it in stock. I went back to the lipstick counter and began swatching, I picked myth, and that's when the obsession began.

With just seven lipsticks my collection is only small but I love you see that colour swatches are like so I thought I would share mine.

I'll start with the first one I bought, myth.

Myth is a nude shade with a satin finish. This is my least favourite out of the ones I have just because I feel it is to light for skin as I am very pale but for someone who has darker skin than me I think it would be the perfect nude shade.

Velvet teddy is the classic favourite and is definitely my favourite. With its matte finish it has the perfect staying power. It is a dark brownish nude which looks great for day and night. I've used this so much it's down to a little stump, I will be repurchasing.

Odyssey has a frost finish and is a purple brownish shade. It is a perfect autumn lip colour for those that don't won't a colour that stands out to much.

Rebel is also a purple colour that I didn't put down in the autumn months. It is a stand out colour with a satin finish, perfect for those that like a bold lip.

Matte is my favourite finish and this pink plaid shade is the perfect pink shade. It doesn't stand out to much but is different from a nude lip. I love this for day to day wear.

With its lustre finish syrup is a little more glossy. It is a darker pink shade than the pink plaid making it easily wearable for day and night.

Brave is my latest purchase and I've been wearing it non stop since. It is a lot like velvet teddy but is a darker nude brown shade. This is my new go to lipstick.

Do you have any MAC lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?
Danielle x

Things that have made me smile | week 25

This week has seen the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, although I've not had the best start to the year there are still things that have made me smile.

  1. Bringing in the new year with a lovely meal out with my boyfriend followed by a few to many drinks with friends.
  2. A little shopping trip and dinner out with my mum and sister.
  3. A family meal out.
  4. A trip to the cinema (first date night of the year).
  5. Using lots of new makeup products.
Hope you've had a good start to the year, what's made you smile this week? 
Danielle x

2015 to 2016

2015 has been a great year, I went on holiday to Zante, I started a uni course, turned 21, saw my first musical, moved house and had a lot of fun days in between with friends and family. I always make the standard New Years resolutions, you know new year new me, but never stick to it  so me and my boyfriend decided to make 2016 'goals' that we can realistically meet.
  1. Have a date night at least once a month just the two of us.
  2. Start to save up some money towards a mortgage even if it's just a little bit. 
  3. And a personal one for me is not to worry and stress out about things too much. 
I like just setting a few little goals that aren't too hard to reach so I don't look back and think oh yea I didn't do that. I want to be able to achieve the goals I set. 

Have you set any goals or made any New Years resolutions? 
Danielle x