Getting over the January blues

Still feeling those January blues? Pamper nights and comfort food are the only ways to get through them.

What better way to defrost your toes after that long cold day then running a hot bubble bath and adding your favourite lush bath bomb. 

Removing all that makeup, having a fresh face and being able to rub my eyes when I'm tired without smudging my mascara is the best feeling. 

Put on a face mask and have a little sing song whilst waiting for it to do its magic.

Slip into something comfy, jogging bottoms and pj's have become my January uniform. I can worry about that extra Christmas weight in February.

Make my favourite drink (usually a coffee) and a comforting snack, we're not counting the calories so who cares if it's a whole bar of dairy milk chocolate. 

Fill up my hot water bottle, grab the cosiest blanket and get comfy on the sofa with chosen snack and drink. 

Put on a cheesy chick flick or a series i can spend the whole of January watching, and just relax. Maybe even have a little nap. 

Whatever you need to do to get through January do it in comfort. 

Do you have any tips to get through the January blues? 

Danielle x 


  1. Nice post!

  2. Sounds good! Last year I booked a few theatre visits for the start of 2016 so I had something to look forward to. It will be February before we know it!

    Ami x,

    1. That sounds like sound a good idea xx

  3. These tips sound great to me. I could do with a bit of pamering!:)

    1. I think January should be all about you, which includes a lot of pampering xx