Hair do's and hair don'ts

I don't know about you but my hair is a big part of my life, I'm forever colouring it, cutting it, styling it doing whatever ever I can to change it. But how much damage is this causing my hair and what should we do and not do to protect our hair and keep it healthy? Is everything we hear true? Madison Reed came up with their own hair do and hair don'ts that I think will help a lot of us! 

Im a sucker for washing my hair so much, when I don't wash it it goes very frizzy and dry then quickly turns greasy. Now I know why, I'm washing it too much! I'm going to try and and only wash it every 3-4 days to get it in better condition. I've always had hair envy of those that can get away with only washing their hair once a week!

I always thought Having a last rinse in cold water would give my hair a lovely shine, but it doesn't! No more freezing cold shower blasts for me.

I love these little tips and will always be referring back to them when it comes to protecting my hair. I always want to change my colour, I'm actually tempted to go red next, I love Wonderful you's gorgeous locks. If your thinking about changing your hair colour you can take Madison reeds quick, fun Quiz to find out the perfect hair colour for you and your skin tone. They have some lovely coloured hair colours and root touch ups on their Site.

What would be your dream hair colour? Do you do any of the hair do or hair don'ts?
Danielle x 


  1. Great post :) Now I can finally leave the shower feeling warm and not cold :D

    1. Thankyou, I no I love these little tips xx

  2. These tips were amazing, I'll definitley be using them ♥