Lush pamper routine

I love having a long relaxing bath using a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar but I never really tried any other Lush products. So I put in a rather large order, you can read my recent lush haul Here, and ordered a few new things.

My pamper routine | 

step 1 | Run a hot bath and put in your favourite bath bomb, I choose Guardian of the forest and watch the magic happen. Set up all of your favourite products to use in the bath, light a couple of candles and set up something to watch or listen to. Sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Step 2 | Dry of and use a body lotion all over to make you feel silky smooth and put on your comfiest pj's. A face mask is a must on a pamper night , I used Rosy cheeks, it's a lovely pale pink colour, smells like roses and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean. 

Step 3 | Whilst wearing your face mask why not go all out and wear a foot and hand mask too! These are both products that I hadn't tried before but are now firm favourites. For my feet I used Volcano, you may feel a bit silly with this on but the benefits are worthit, and what's a pamper night without looking a little silly? You smear the mask all over your feet and wrap them with a plastic bag or cling film. Now onto the hand mask, I've been obsessed with using hand cream these winter months so I couldn't wait to use a hand mask to help them feel extra smooth.  Using the Golden handshake hot hand mask place it upright in a cup or bowl of hot water, then stir it around to to create a thick mixture. Place all over your hands and let it work its magic. 

Step 4 | Leave them all on for 15-20 minutes while you relax, you do look pretty sill sat there with things on your hands, feet and face but they will all thank you for it afterwards. Wash it all of and pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel. 

Step 5 | All this cold weather leaves my lips feeling very dry and chapped, a lip scrub is perfect for making them soft again and is the best prep for your lipstick. I used the Bubble gum lips scrub, I just rub it all over my lips, then lick it of when I've finished (yes it's edible!) and it tastes delicious. 

And that's the end of the of my Lush pamper routine, I will usually chill on the sofa with a cheesy film on and paint my nails. I love the Barry m speed dry colours, I applied Slip stream a deep purple shade. 

What do you use in your pamper routine? Do you use any of the lush products?

Danielle x 

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