Bonding bunnies

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that i have grown my bunny family. We have been talking about getting another bunny for a while now and have looked into the pros and cons off a getting our munchie a friend. 

In the wild rabbits are always in groups and are very social animals, we would have got two rabbits the first time but we just didn't have the space at our old place. Now we are settled in our new home we took a trip to the pet shop a brought home our little peanut. 

As munchie hasn't yet been spayed we had to get a girl as we didn't want lots of babies hopping around. The lovely worker gave us some great tips on helping the bunnies bond, as two girls aren't always the easiest to bond. Here are some tips she shared and a few from our own experience to help your bunnies become the best of friends. 

1. Let your bunnies meet in an area non of them have been in before, this can be any room even the bathroom. I just helps the bunny you already have not get territorial. 

2. Keep the space they are in small to prevent chasing, if the bunnies start fighting spraying them with a little water on the head will stop them. It usually makes them stop to clean themselves distracting them from each other. 

3. Introduce them for 20 minutes at time until you see them start to become friends. 

4. Before keeping them in the same cage/hutch, keep them IN separate ones a few cm apart so they can smell and see each other but can not nip each other. 

5. Keep swapping the toys they have in their cages between them and a little bit of each other's sawdust and poo so they can get the scent of each other. 

6. It is easier to bond bunnies that have been spayed and neutered, my local pets at home are currently  building their vets and as soon as it opens at the end of the month I will be getting them both spayed. 

7. Finally make sure bonding time is a fun and rewarding time that is a pleasurable experience for your bunnies. Have food and treats out for them which will make them won't to come back next time. 

Have fun giving your bunny a new friend. 

Danielle x 

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    1. Aw, two cuties! It's great that the pet shop seemed to be so knowledgeable, if I were in your position I probably wouldn't have thought about territorial issues and so on. The bunnies seem to be turning into fast friends :)


  2. They were so helpful at the pet shop, we did ask a lot of questions tho. They are getting on so well now they are sharing a two story cage and love to clean each other xx