Easter lush haul

It wouldn't be Easter without an Easter lush haul, I picked up five of their Easter products, 4 bath bombs and one bubble bar. I love this years colourful collection and the products are super cute this year!
What I got |

Bath bombs |  
Humpty Dumpty | £6.95
This has to be the cutest from the collection, with his little blue trousers and big beaming smile I'm going to find it had to dunk him in my bath. At £6.95 it is one of the more expensive bombs but you do actually get three bath bombs for the price of one! That's right this bath bomb is actually three, you crack Humpty against the side of your bath and he splits in half leaving a surprise in the centre. You then use each piece separately. 
Which came first | £6.95 
This is just like the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb, it is three in one. It's a giant egg with a blue pattern on one side and a yellow pattern on the other. You crack the egg on the side of the bath to reveal a cute little chick. This bomb has a sweet citrusy smell and can be used three times or thrown in all in one go. 
Fluffy egg | £2.95
This is a smaller egg then the other two but just as nice, it's a fuchsia pink colour with a small coloured flower on each side which spin out when the bath bomb begins to fizz. It has a gorgeous sweet smell that's sure to get you in the mood for a chocolate egg. 
Golden egg | £3.95
This has to be the messiest bath bomb, with its golden, sparkly glitter you will get a glittery gold bath  to make your skin shimmer. It has a toffee, chocolaty scent and is full of moisturising olive oil to leave your skin super soft. 

Bubble bar | 

Bunch of carrots | £6.25 
These aren't your typically orange carrots, they are three bright colours that will turn your bath a wonderful colour when crumbled under running water. £6.25 is a little pricey but you get three carrots and they are reusable so you can use as much or as little as you want. They have a tropical scent and look adorable. 

What's your favourite product from the Easter collection? 

Danielle x 
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  1. I love lush. I don't shop there often because the prices are very high where I live (US). I smelt all of these, and I loved Which Came First.


    1. It's a shame the prices are so high, they all smell amazing don't they xx

  2. These are so cute! I love the fact that those first two break apart. Especially since that's the whole point of Humpty Dumpty! The carrots are also a super great/cute idea. And I'll always love the sparkly ones ;) I can't tell if I'm missing out a lot, or if I (and my bank account) are better off away from Lush right now, haha.


    1. I don't think my life would be the same without lush bath bombs and bubble bars in it haha. I love them, I know the Humpty Dumpty one is great xx

  3. I desperately want to get my hands on the Lush Easter range. Great post! What would you say your favourite is?

    Sophie - | It's Cultured

  4. I actually did a Valentines day lush haul myself because all the cute pink things got to me! ;) xx adaatude.com