Getting the 'lob' cut

I use to long for long hair with loads of volume, I never had the patients to grow it, I would just get bored and get it cut. When I got to college I stopped getting it cut short and just dyed it when I got bored instead. It work I finally managed to grow my hair long, I loved it, I would curl it, straighten it, braid it, anything I use to love sitting in the mirror playing with it and creating new styles. Unfortunatly all the heat and dye really damaged my hair, it became weak and, although it was the length I had always dreamed of it just looked limp, dry and brittle. 

With the new 'lob' haircut trending everywhere I decided it was time to let go of the long locks and give my hair the revitalising cut it was crying out for. I was a little anxious about getting it cut as I loved my long hair and loved creating new styles with it, but there are so my different styles and hair tutorials for short hair now I think you can do just as much as you can with long hair.

I took my inspiration from Lucy Hale, if your a pretty little liars fan you will know who this is. I took in a picture of her into the hairdressers and they began to snip. I went in with red hair (one of my boredom moments) but I wont'ed a natural colour that I wouldn't have to touch up much as I wont'ed  a fresh cut without damage. Since I was going for her style I thought I may as well copy her colour. My hairdresser bleached my ends first as they would take a while to lift from red to create the ombré effect. Once the bleach was on she added a natural brown colour to the rest of the hair starting from the root. 

After a few cups of coffee, scrolling through social media and a numb bum it was finally time to wash the dye of. As she removed the tin foil from the ends we prayed the ends had took to the dye and hadn't gone a brassy, orange, yellow toned. During the washing procedure she put a toner on my hair to take away any brassy tones and to create a ashy light blonde finish on the ends. 

There wasnt much to the cut as I didn't want any layers, Ive still got to be able to create that quick messy ponytail for work. The hairdresser cut more of the length to where I was happy, just a little past the shoulders, and shaped the cut. 

Before blow drying she added and little volumising moose and blow dried it using a big barrelled brush. As for heat styling she used the straighteners to create a few messy loose curls. 

I love the finished result and my hair feels so much healthier, it so easy to style in a rushed morning before work but I can still create many pretty more intricate looks too. 

What style hair do you have? Would you ever get all your hair cut of? 

Danielle x 

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  1. Your hair looks great, I'm to much of a wimp to cut mine xoxo

  2. As mentioned earlier, I absolutely love your haircut! *_*
    Lucy hale is my spirit animal.
    Verdict: You won, lady.:D
    Loved the post.

    1. Thankyou Hun, I'm obsessed with her she's just so pretty xx

  3. The lob haircut is amazing! I just love how chic it looks. Your hair style looks lovely. :)