Spectrum brushes | Marbleous collection

If you haven't seen this brush collection, where have you been!? It has to be one of the most 'instagramable' brush sets I've seen. They are just so pretty! 

The complete collection is made up of 12 brushes, 4 for the face and 8 for the eyes. As a complete collection the price is £64.99 but you can purchase the face and eye set separately. The face set is £34.99 and the eye set is £34.99. 
The brushes are pure white then turn to a gorgeous rose gold on the base, then the bristles are a deep grey shade at the bottom changing to pure white again at the ends. As well as being super pretty the bristles are so soft. 
The four brushes in the Face collection are, B01 top buffer, B02 domed buffer, C03 tulip powder and C04 angled powder. B01 and B02 are perfect for applying foundation and powder. This is the first time I've used a buffer brush for applying foundation and I loved it, it gave me so much more coverage and blended in really well. I use the domed buffer to lightly apply a setting powder after my foundation, it applys beautifully and the bristles feel so soft against the skin. C03 and C04 are perfect for contouring and applying blush to the cheeks. 
I have been investing in a couple of high end makeup palettes at the moment so I purchased these brushes to assist them. With a range of eight brushes there is a brush for everything, I use the wider brushes to apply colour all over the lid and the small ones for adding detail. They are super soft on the lid which is great if you have sensitive eyes and the blend like a dream! The eye brushes are, B06 tall tapered blender, B04 small angled shader, A08 medium fluffy shader, A06 large fluffy shader, A07 stubby shader, A12 fluffy pencil, A13 short smudge and C06 tulip eye contour.
The final part of the collection is the Marbleous White bag, it is a medium size which fits all the brushes in with plenty of room for your makeup essentials. It is a gorgeous marble pattern with a rose gold logo plate and rose gold zip to finish it of.
Not only do they look so pretty on my dressing table they are super soft and great quality, I would highly recommend them if your on the hunt for a new set of brushes!

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  1. Amazing pics, I love this post!

    Alice Cerea,

  2. Omg do these look beautiful or what! I'm an Instagram, and makeup addict how is this the first I'm hearing of these brushes? Haha will Defo be in investing in some of the brushes from this collection!

    1. They are so pretty arnt, they are such good quality too xx