White jeans

The beginning of spring is always awkward fashion wise in England, we have our warms days but other days can still feel like the middle of winter! It's at the stage where I'm not sure if I can put the winter coat away or not? 

You never can be to sure what the weather will be when you wake up on a spring morning so a peek out the window first is always needed. I feel you can't really go wrong with a classic pair of white jeans, their comfortable, bright and still keep you warm in the spring breeze. I love my black jeans but Spring is about brighter cheerful colours and white jeans allows this whilst still being warm. 
I'm wearing white, ankle grazer skinny jeans from Matalan. They are so comfortable and fit my figure so nicely. I have rolled mine up at the bottom as I have the shortest legs ever, ankle grazers are a normal length on me! I like showing a little skin in Spring but not to much as I hate being cold, but a little bit of ankle I cope with. They cost £15 and students get 10% off! 
I teamed a thin black, long sleeved top with my jeans, it's not quiet warm enough for just t-shirts but to hot for thick jumpers. This top is the perfect in between. It has a cute white collar with the words 'no way' embroided on to it. It adds a little fun to the outfit and can be found at forever 21 for £16.
For shoes I don't think anything says Spring like pastel pink cat shoes, they add a little colour and tie  in with the quirkiness of the collar. They are now on sale at £17.50 from Asos.
The pastel pink bag is from primark and is a perfect size to put a few essentials in for a Spring stroll.

Extras | 
Rings - Lyla loves
Lipstick - MAC Rebel
Nail varnish - Barry M, stop the clock

What is your go to Spring outfit? 

Danielle x 

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  1. Love the look! It's so hard to find white jeans in stores, at least over here in the US, but I'll keep a look out. They're so versatile but a little bit different x


    1. We have white jeans everywhere! I love them, I pretty much live in them throughout Spring xx

    2. I got mine from Urban Outfitters in Virginia

  2. White jeans are at the top of my wishlist for sunmer! I also love this jumper, so cute!!

    Georgia Rose X


  3. I love this look a lot! I love the top the most!!