Zoella sweet inspirations beauty range

There are very few beauty launches that get me excited as much as this one, when it comes to Zoe sugg aka zoella I'm a bit of a fangirl. I've loved all of her beauty ranges but this one caught my eye straight away. I actually stayed up until midnight to ensure I got my hands on all of the new range products. I ordered from Feel unique and used this LINK to get 15% off which you can use too for any feel unquie order. 
There are eight products in the Sweet inspirations range, some new and some old classics with a new twist. The range is inspired by french patisserie and macaron scents and packaged I a vintage style with a retro print and pastel shades. Sweet scent and pastel colours are two of my favourite things so a made a little squeal when I saw these products. 
Bath latte | 400ml | £6
First up is the Bath latte, a vintage style milk bottle filled with a sweet smelling liquid that you pour under running water to create wonderful scented bubbles. No bubble bath will be the same with out it!
Body mist | 45ml | £8
A classic to the zoella beauty collection is the body mist and the sweet inspirations collection isn't without one. It is the small style bottle with rose gold lid and pink and rose gold swirly vintage pattern on the back peeking through to the front. It's a sweet macaron scent that leaves you smelling sweet a freash perfect for summer!
Life is sweet beauty bag | £6
One of two bags is the Life is sweet beauty bag, a small pastel purple bag with a gorgeous scalloped edge. This bag is the perfect size for you to keep all those essentials in that usually get lost at the never ending bottom of your bag.
Le fizz | 200g | £5
An upgrade on the original fizz bath is Le fizz, shaped like a delicious chocolate bar wrapped in beautiful gold a pink swirly patterned paper. The chocolate bar shapped quakes have a z inprinted on them and smell like sweet macarons. You place a few in your bath and watch them fizz away to create a soothing, sweet smelling bath.
Sugar dip scented bath salts | 200g | £6
This has to be the cutest packageing, shaped like a pyramid it follows the pastel colour theme with pink and blue. You take the top of the pyramid of to reveal a bag of bath salts, take a handful and place them under running water. When they begin to dissolve they will fill your bath with a scrumptious sweet smell that will leave you smelling so sweet too. They come with a cute little sticker that says 'reseal me' so you can do just that keeping the fresh and the scent locked in ready for your next relaxing bath.

Double creme body lotion | 186g | £5
An zoella beauty collection wouldn't be the same without a body lotion, package beautifully with Beach hut pastel strips and French patisserie style writing. It is enriched with almond oil, cacao and honey to ensure your skin is left feeling beautifully soft and smelling delicious.
Candy clutch beauty bag | £12
The second bag in the collection is a clutch, a bag we haven't seen in the zoella beauty range before. This pastel coloured stripped clutch can be used in two sizes perfect for keeping all your beauty essentials in.
Body fondant | £10
Last in the collection is the body foundant, this hasn't been realesed yet but it is a balm that comes in gorgeously decorated round tub. You take the soft sponge included to rub the balm all over your body giving your a gorgeous glow and sweet scent. I can't wait to try this products as this was one I was looking most forward too.
What are your favourite products in the new sweet inspirations collection? Have you or will you be purchasing any of the products?

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  1. such gorgeous itmes! and such lovely packaging!!
    never tried anything by zoella, but now I gotta haha (:

    Life in Pastel

    1. The packaging just makes you fall in love doesn't it xx

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