Summer holiday bronzed makeup look

Being very pale I usually shy away from bronzer as I feel even the lightest shades are just to dark for porcelain skin. But when the sun comes out and by skin tans a little I feel like summer is the time you can really go to town with the bronzer, especially if you tan really well. I love a bronzed makeup look when I'm on holiday and going out for a meal in the evening, I just think the bronzer really complements the sun kissed skin. I'm going on holiday I just a few weeks and this is the bronzed makeup look ill be wearing most evenings. 

I have quite oily skin anyway but when I've had sun cream and aftersun soaked in to my skin all day it can get pretty oily. This primer is oil free, sits lightly on the skin and minimises the look of pores, the perfect makeup primer. 
Foundation - Loreal nude magique cushion foundation | £9.99 
I have raved about this foundation quite a lot just lately so my holiday makeup bag wouldn't be the same without it. I'm using this foundation as its so light on the skin you can barely tell its there which is perfect when the weather is still hot in the evening. It gives a lovely coverage, and a little goes a long way! 
This concealer really is industrial strength, you name it the concealer covers it. I tend to get a few dark circles whilst on holiday, because let's face it who wants to waste away the sun and cocktails time sleeping? I just apply this under my eyes and any areas I won't to conceal and blend it using my beauty blender. 
Powder - Rimmel stay matte pressed powder | £3.99 (3 for 2) 
This is always a repurchase for me, it locks in my base makeup perfectly, removing any oily patches leaving a lovely Matte finishes. I keep this in my handbag so I can have a little top if I need to throughout the evening. I just apply it lightly to my t-zone and little on my cheeks. 

This bronzer looks really dark but it's not as scary as it looks, if you are pale like me you can just brush the bronzer lightly with your brush and apply it then add more if you would like it darker. There is a darker version for those of you who are lucky enough to get a tan. I just brush this lightly on the sides of my forehead the bottom of my check bones, my jaw line and a little on my neck just to keep it all blended. 
Bronzer - Benefit hoola bronzer | £23.50
As this is a bronzer makeup look I'm going in with a pitcher bronzer just on my cheek bones. I feel like the benefit hoola bronzer complement any skin tone and give a great contoured bronze look. 
Highlighter - Sleek solstice highlighter palette - £9.99
As this is a bronzed makeup look I'm not using to much highlighter, I just brushed on a small amount of the golden powder highlight shade in the bottom right of the sleek palette to the tops of my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, under my brows and on my cupids bow. 

I never use to apply an eyeshadow primer, but it really helps to keep your eyeshadow in place all day. I just apply a small amount of the creamy primer to my lip and rid it in all over using my finger. 
Eyeshadow - Urban decay naked palette - £38.50
I start by applying the shade 'virgin' all over my lid as a nice pale base. I then go in with the shade
'naked' on my lid to give a light brown colour and blend in the shade 'Buck' in my crease. To finish the bronzed eye look of I use a little bit of the shade 'smog' to my outer corners and my lower lash line to give a little shimmer to the bronzed look. 
Mascara - Rimmel volume colourist mascara - £7.99 (3 for 2) 
This mascara gives a little volume and separates the lashes perfectly, I just apply it just my top and bottom lashes to finish of my eye look. As well as been a great mascara it is also suppose to darken the lashes every time you wear it. 

Brows - Rimmel brow this way eyebrow kit - £3.99 (3 for 2)
I usually get my brows waxed and tinted before going on holiday so I don't need much product in them. I use a mixture of the cream and powder product from the kit and just lightly fill in my brows. 
Lip liner - Mac soar - £12.50
I just line my lips with Mac soar before filling in them in with lipstick.
Lipstick - Mac brave - £15.50
To complete this makeup look I fill in my lips with Mac brave, and I'm finished!
What do you think of the finished look? Do you like to wear a little more bronzer on holiday or in the summer?

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